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Global Market Share Comparison of Smartphones  

Singaporeans love gadgets and new technologies. In the case of smart phones, our choice is often between only two brands – Apple or Samsung. Whatever we choose, we’re still sure to get a good phone. But in case you want to know which brand has more appeal, just check their market share.


The success of the newest iPhone fortified the position of Apple in the global market. Samsung on the other hand is still doing its best to outwit the competition. Apple paved the way for modern smartphones after releasing its first iPhone way back 2007. However, Samsung has actually been the frontrunner since 2011 with their supersized smartphones.

The International Data Corp showed the changes of market share in 2013 and 2014:

  • 2013: In the 4th quarter of 2013, the market share of Samsung was 28.8%, which made them the leading seller of smartphones. Apple has a market share of 17.4% followed by Lenovo at 4.7%, Huawei at 5.7% and Xiaomi at 2%.


  • 2014: In the 4th quarter of 2014, the market share of Samsung was 20%; they are still the leading seller of smartphones followed by Apple at 19.6%. With its new models, Apple almost overtook Samsung for the lead. The company is followed by Lenovo at 6.6%, Huawei at 6.2% and Xiaomi at 4.4%.

The figures above prove that Samsung need to contend with other smartphone companies aside from Apple. The competition is fierce for low-priced Chinese manufacturers like the Lenovo, Huawei and Xiaomi.

At the end of the day, those who are in top exert more effort to keep their positions. We will see what will happen in the market in the coming months.


Applications That Wipe Data

Your phone was lost or stolen. Unfortunately, your phone contains everything – basically your whole life. You are not concerned about the phone but the information that it contains. So, what is your action plan? You do not just let the information sit there because other people might use it to their advantage. You have to protect your information even if it means wiping it.


You need to be sure that the data is safe and secure. The good thing is that you can wipe the information before it gets in the hands of other people and misuse it. There are applications that you can employ to help you get rid of information whether your phone is lost, stolen or you just want to delete it. Here are some:

  • Built-in Android reset: This is probably the easiest way to delete your data but it cannot be done remotely. You have to have the phone if you want to restore it to its factory settings. This does not require any installation. You can also erase data in your SD card.


  • Lookout security and antivirus: If you choose the premium version, you have the capacity to safely browse and remotely lock your phone. You can also wipe it and back up your messages. Like other apps, it will locate the lost phone and sound the alarm.
  • Mobile security: You can actually remotely wipe information on your lost or stolen phone. The good thing about this application is its capacity to sound an alarm and it can locate the lost phone. Apart from that, it has the power to lock the phone. You only need a web interface to do all these things.
  • Android lost: If you still expect to find your phone, you can use Android Lost. It offers lots of features that will surely give you hope in finding your lost phone. For example, it will allow you to read your text messages even without the phone plus it can lock your phone. In adverse moments, it will automatically erase the SD card and locate the lost phone through GPS.
  • Autowipe: You can automatically wipe information depending on specific criteria. For example, you can set it so that if the specified number of attempts for password is reached it will automatically trigger the autowipe.

What a relief that there are applications that you can turn to when your phone is lost or stolen. If you think that your information or data is still not safe even with the apps mentioned above, the best way to safeguard it is never put it in your mobile devices. You have to be careful about your data because it can make or destroy you.

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The Issues Concerning Drones

You see drones in movies but the market is now offering it openly to Singaporeans who are attracted to it. In fact, there is an increase of Singaporean drone hobbyists that are willing to spend at least S$1,500 to fly their own remote control mini helicopter. According to recent reports, the prices of drones are falling continuously.


The falling price is a big factor that draws more hobbyists. Do not be surprised when you see more drones in the near future. Drones are more than hobby for it can be used in different fields such as events, movies and construction. For example, drones are used to cover aerial view when it comes to big events like wedding. It can also be used to get an aerial shot of a movie scene. More importantly, construction companies use drones to inspect their buildings to reduce human fatalities.

But no system or thing is perfect. There are people who contest drones because of some issues. Here are some concerns or issues concerning drones:


  • Injuries: The average weight of a drone is about ten kilos. If there are any mechanical failures, it will crash and fall. It is good if there are no innocent bystanders but it can cause serious injuries when it crashes.
  • Privacy: There are people who are concern about their privacy. There is no denial that drones cannot be used to spy because of its smallness and accessibility.

If the drones are used efficiently, they will contribute big in the society. The handler or owner of drones should know their limits so they will not be questioned. Drones are also called unmanned aerial vehicle. But if you look closely, the benefits supersedes the issues.



“Fake It ’till You Make It”

You heard about the catchphrase “fake it till you make it” often that it becomes you. This catchphrase is also called “act as if”. This phrase means imitating confidence so that as it progresses, the confidence will produce real and genuine success which will lead you to success. In simple words, it is bluffing your way out confidently.


There are some points in our life that we encounter “fake it till you make it” moments. This goes to show how resilient and strong we are. However, do you know that there are mobile phone applications that will help you “fake it till you make it”? These applications can fake SMS messages or even phone calls. Here are some applications that you can consider:

  • Fake a call: You are trying to get out of a situation or conversation that you wish someone would call you and act as if you are summoned. Thankfully an application will rescue you from a social disaster. The application is called fake a call. What does this do? It has a trigger that will enable you to call your own mobile phone. It will allow you to programme a voice (so it will look like legitimate) and images (like your boss or friend). It is available in iOS (for only $1.28) and Android (for only $1.20).
  • Fake a message: Fake a message is an application that you can rely when you encounter awkward situation. It is like fake a call that will give you excuse to get out of the situation or someone. You only need to program the name of the sender (who you want it to be) and then set the timer so the message will be sent accordingly. It is available in iOS and Android for free.

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  • Bro app: If you do not want to miss something, you can always send text messages to your significant other with the help of Bro app. You can set the time and date so that the messages will be automatically sent to your partner. Your partner will surely appreciate it; playing a thoughtful and sweet boyfriend/girlfriend is easy with Bro. It is available in iOS and Android for free.
  • Fake sounds: If you are not being honest of the place you are at, you can rely on fake location sounds. It will give you numerous background sounds (like ambulance sirens and thunderstorm) so you will be more convincing. It is only available in iOS (for only $1.28).

These applications are available here in Singapore if you are interested. For sure many Singaporeans will consider these. These applications will provide you with excuses. You only need to download and install it in your smart phone. However, the most effective thing to get out of something is to tell the person truthfully than avoid them or using the “fake it till you make it” strategy.


Capture Every Moment with Camera 360

Moments that you want to remember should be photographed. You use many applications for your pictures but what is the best camera application out there? Some Singaporeans would agree that it is Camera 360. Camera 360 is a famous application that it is widely used by Singaporeans and the rest of the world.


Camera 360 is a digital photo software. It was made to record precious moments with optimized features to bring a better experience for photo-lovers. Camera 360 has this feature that offers numerous effects. Here are some effects of Camera 360:

  • Magic Skin: Magic Skin will bring out the best in you. You can choose between Natural, Glossy, Light, Deep, Black and White, Fresh, Sunshine, Sexy Lips and Sweet.
  • Lomo: For the Lomo effects, you can choose between Cyan, Movie, Greenish, Memory, Fashion, Frozen, Fall, Passion and Maple.
  • Light Colour: Light Colour has many selections. You can choose between Cool, Sweet, Sunny, Sunshine, Grace, Elegant, Jelly, Fresh and Warm.
  • Enhance: For the Enhance effects, you can choose between Auto, Night, Indoor, Warm, Cool, Inverse, Intense, Balance and Cold.


  • Retro: Retro offers the following effects – Retro, Purple, Bloom, Golden, Light, Faded, Clean, Emerald and Diffuse.
  • Sketch: When it comes to Sketch, you will be given the following options – Surreal, Black and White, Years, Color, Crayon, Paint, Outline, Bright and Light.
  • More: If the effects mentioned above are not enough, you should not worry because there are more effects in store for you. You can consider Decades (best for nostalgic photos which includes 8 effects), Magic Sky (offers fantastic and gorgeous photos which includes 7 effects), Loft (exquisite colours which includes 6 effects), Film Flex (romantic colours which includes 7 effects), HDR (excellent gradations which includes 6 effects), Magic Colour (highlighting one colour which includes 9 effects), Colorful (highlighting more colours which includes 10 effects), B&W (shows the glamour of the light which includes 5 effects), Dreamlike (featuring the blear effect), Huge Head (featuring huge head that brings funny memories) and Ghost (featuring ghost effects).

If you do not have Camera 360 in your phone, it is time that you download and install it. Camera 360 is free and you can use it as long as you like. If you want the latest version, you can simply update your present version. The latest version is 5.1 and it is called Camera 360 Ultimate; it was released on May5, 2014. The operating system should be android 2.1 and above.

What are you waiting for? Download Camera 360 now and reap its benefits. You will surely love it.


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