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Restaurant of the Future  

Innovations are everywhere. We will not be surprised if we hear TVs can be accessed through voice command or in this case – restaurants with flying drones to deliver orders. Here in Singapore, Timbre Group uses flying robot waiter which is another first in the world. Timbre Group has five outlets throughout Singapore.


The restaurant chain plans on optimizing the workplace with the help of drones. What’s in it for us? Well, there are various reactions from different groups. In the perspective of the chain, they are just enhancing the workplace environment especially with the government’s tightening of labour policies. It is not a secret that the Food and Beverage sector is suffering from shortage of workers.

The drones can hold up to 2 kilos. Drones will be dispatched so waiters can engage more with the customers and promote the restaurant’s menu. The drones will not deliver the food directly to the customers because the waiter can do it to maintain that “human touch” factor. Waiters will simply get the orders in the central waiting table. Infinium_-Robotics_Timbre_Group_Drone_Delivery

In the perspective of the customers, drones are not welcome – yet. There are people who criticize and are skeptical about drones. Customers think that drones can be a distraction when talking and eating. That is understandable since it is a new sight. Other customers also think that drones are simply a nuisance in restaurants.

In the perspective of industry watchers, drones will be a familiar sight in five to ten years from now. As for the Timbre Group, they are seeking grants from the government to support their technology and make it available soon.


Get in Touch with Nature

Despite the tall buildings in the city, Singapore is also the home of many natural attractions and is one of the tourist spots in the country. Among them are known worldwide for its outstanding and magnificent characteristics.

Singapore Zoo 253

Singapore zoo, Jurong Bird Park, Singapore botanical garden – these are the three popular natural sites of the country that is famous in the world. But how they become well-known in other countries?

  1. Singapore Zoo: Almost all animals in the wild are found here and cheetah is the most famous. As usual, animals here are fed properly. And even though the animals are situated in a zoo, they are like living in the wild because the zoo is very wide.
  2. Jurong Bird Park: This is the place where thousand bird species are housed. I’m fact, it is has the largest collection of birds in the world. Also, insects like butterflies are found at the park.


  1. Singapore Botanical Garden: Different plants and trees are found here. Like the bird park, it also holds the award for the largest plant collection in the globe.

The country is truly abundant in terms of their natural resources. Apart from that, they have strict laws implemented to ensure that no one would dare or attempt to destroy the nature. Of course, you would not dare to do it because of the large fine that is attributed to the law and through that, Singapore nature was really protected and maintained properly.


A Trip to Little India

Most of us, if not all, have that inherent desire to travel and to explore new cultures. But some things just make it quite impossible to do so. For some, it could be financial. For others, it could be time constraints. But whatever the reason may be, our desire to explore other cultures doesn’t need to be restrained. In fact, we don’t even need to leave Singapore to visit another country and to discover new things. Singapore is so ethnically and culturally diverse that finding the right destinations within the country will take us to an entirely different culture. To give you an example, do read on and let’s travel to India without leaving the comforts of our country.


Little India is truly a feast for the senses. As you enter this vibrant district, you’ll be greeted by the aromatic smells of the different spices that abound many stalls. You’ll be in awe looking at the colourful display of different vegetables and blooms being sold in some stalls and you’ll be fascinated by the dedication put in conserving some shop houses paticularly those located in Little India Arcade. Your trip here will also be guaranteed to be far from being lonely as the constant buzz of this lively district will accompany you.

Singapore little market

As you continue to immerse in this authentic Indian district, you’ll see their rich culture being unfolded. A visit at Sri Veeramakaliamman Temple will give you a closer look of their dearly respected, religious rituals. Even at the numerous shops that sell different merchandises, you’ll have a sense of their cherished culture and traditions, from their intricate jewellery to their silk sarees. But other than the traditional Indian merchandises, many stores here also sell modern finds such as on-trend apparels and the latest electronic gadgets. And if after all that strolling and sight-seeing make you hungry, a myriad of food stalls and restaurants selling authentic Indian cuisines await you.

So if you haven’t been here yet, be sure to plan a trip here this weekend; or if you’ve already been here, then come again as there is so much to discover and enjoy here in Little India.



Most Remarkable Restaurants in Singapore

When it comes to foods, Singapore is not behind among other famous restaurants around the world. In fact, Singapore restaurants are more visited than any other restaurants in the neighboring countries like China, Malaysia and other Asian countries. This is because of the different taste that is imparted by many colonizers in the country.

Ristorante Bologna, Level 4

1.       Restaurant Bologna

Known for its trademark squid ink pasta, Restaurant Bologna started constructing its way to Singapore arena in 1987. Last 2005, the restaurant was completely renovated.

2.       Tiffin Room

During 1880s, the founder of the Raffles Hotel Sarkies brothers created the restaurant they call Tiffin. In 1976, they changed its name to Tiffin Room which is now famous in the country. Tiffin room serves Indian foods that are affordable.


3.       Gordon Grill

It was the first restaurant that offers Black Angus beef. It first opened in 1963 but it was known for its name Gordon Room. 2 years later, the restaurant was named Gordon Grill and because of its old appearance, it was reconstructed in 2004 making many Singaporeans and food lovers to visit the restaurant frequently.

4.       Pete’s Place

Even the time have passed, many people believed that Pete’s place never changed the way they cook their dishes. During the old times, you can easily distinguish Pete’s restaurant from other restaurants. This is because of its red walls, red floor tiles and the red-checked table cloth in the place. Here, they their soups, salads and their most famous dish, the cioppino spaghetti with prawns and clams crowned lobster.