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Things to Do to Save Earth

Most of the time, we do not care about what is happening around us. We just let things go by saying that it is okay. Furthermore, we don’t watch news. It has something to do with our daily living even if we say that is just all about political matters.


Knowing what is happening around you is a great contribution the Earth’s progress because it will make you realize that you need to make something commendable for the planet. You do not just lend your money to someone and say that is it intended for the saving the world. It is not like that. You need to do handwork; you have shown up and you need to experience how hard other people do in shaping and keeping the Earth on its better shape.


On the other hand, if you can’t do it because you are differently-abled or you have difficulties when you do something worry, you can help by doing little things like turning of the electrical appliances that is not used like television, lights, radio and many more. You should unplug it because electricity is still running even if you turned it off.

Moreover, you can help by recycling. The things that you are not using is a good thing to recycle; unused clothes, plastic bottles, papers such as newspaper were only few. You just need to be creative to use this as a recyclable but if you think that you cannot be artistic, you can give it to others people who it or you needs may sell it.