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5 Things to Avoid Doing on Social Media after a Breakup

So you broke up with your significant other, but you didn’t part ways pleasantly. You’d love to say “no hard feelings”, but you’d be lying since there surely are hard feelings between both of you that you’d want to let out. But before you start causing too much drama online, here are five things that you should never ever do on any social networking site that both you and your ex-beau are on.

1. Tweeting or Posting Statuses About Him

You may be used to tweeting or posting cryptic messages online, but it’d be best to avoid doing this when you’ve just been through a breakup. Remember that your mutual friends might already be aware of your situation, and it’ll be easier for them to decode who your tweets or statuses are about. If you just can’t help but post about him or your breakup, then it’s best to just deactivate your account until you’ve fully moved on.

2. Initiating a Pity Party Online

Posting about how betrayed or neglected you feel to get your friends’ attention and sympathy isn’t cool. You’re only making a fool out of yourself, and you can’t be sure that the people comforting you won’t be talking behind your back. So regardless of how hurt and overwhelmed you currently feel, avoid posting anything that’ll make you appear like a pathetic ex-girlfriend.

3. Posting Negative Things About Your Ex

Telling your online friends about how a sore loser your ex is won’t help in making things better. In fact, it’ll only make you look like the sore loser. So instead of telling the online world about your breakup, post things related with your journey to single-dom. This will definitely help in empowering and inspiring you to be the person that you ought to be, even without him in your life.

4. Adding or Following His New Girl

Your breakup may have been caused by a third party, but sending his new girl a friend request and telling her what you think about her might not be a good idea at all. We understand that you’re exploding with rage because of this person, but you certainly wouldn’t want to be labelled as a crazy ex-girlfriend.

5. Sending Threatening Messages

Regardless of how good or bad your relationship ended, a breakup can still make you feel like you’re not yourself and even cause you to feel some heightened emotions. When this happens, you’ll feel that you can strangle any person that gets on your way. This is why it’s crucial that you think things through before doing anything rash, such as sending a threatening message to your ex or his new girl.

Social media has the ability to make any breakup worse, but if you know who you really, you’ll definitely be able to be the bigger person in the breakup and handle your pain in a mature way.

5 Fitness Habits to Adopt Now

Being fit and healthy is admittedly one of the goals we try so hard to achieve. However, there are times when we just fall completely short in reaching this goal.

Embracing new habits that bring about positive changes in our fitness may be the answer we need. To get the best out of our workout routines and to become even more motivated, here are five habits a person needs to embrace fully.


Working out as an outlet for stress

We cannot avoid stress in our daily lives. There is always something out there that can affect our health and outlook in life. Fortunately, exercising can help us release all these pent-up stress.

Boxing and running can be good options for releasing tension. Other people who prefer calming exercises can sign up for yoga classes. Yoga helps us eliminate exhaustion and anxiety and in the same way, give us a sense of relaxation and peace.


No slacking on strength exercises

For people who want to tone up and lose weight, strength training is a common form of workout routine to engage in.  Strength training encourages the creation of dense muscles and the stimulation of your metabolism. When we feel too comfortable in doing our training, it means that the body is not benefitting from the workout we are doing. To make the most of our exercise, we must continue to push ourselves to do better.


Make yourself your first priority

No matter how much stuff you need to finish, always keep in mind that you are your first priority. Instead of just rewarding yourself with pigging out and foregoing your schedule to the gym, start looking at your fitness routine as a way to reward yourself. After long hours of exercising, you’ll feel exhilarated and more relaxed. It’s all about how you perceive an activity- something you are forced to do or something that makes you feel good about yourself.


Improving your physical balance

Learning how to achieve excellent balance is important for people who are constantly exercising. It helps us protect ourselves from falling and being injured. Practice at least two times a week to improve your sense of balance. Do every day routines that focus on correcting the body’s balance.


Do daily stretches

Stretching before doing any form of workout prevents exercise-related injuries, like the tearing of the tendons. Doing stretches also protects you from being sore after exercising. Stretching should be an important staple on your daily activities. Never neglect what a good stretching can do for you and for your body.


What Tuberculosis Can Do to You

Do you know that 32000 children around the world become sick every year because of a strain of tuberculosis called “superbug”? This strain is drug resistant which makes the work of scientists more difficult. There is a study recently published by Lancet which identified the actual number of children suffering from tuberculosis or TB.


The study was launched in commemoration of the World TB Day last March 24, 2014. The study gave a clearer picture of young TB victims. As for the TB situation here in Singapore, the cases declined overtime because of the program launched by the government called the Singapore Tuberculosis Elimination Programme (STEP).

TB is an infectious and air borne disease. If you wonder what it can do to you, here are some ideas:


  • TB can affect the lungs: Of course, you know that TB primarily affects the lungs. It is called pulmonary tuberculosis.
  • TB can affect other parts of the body: Apart from the lungs, TB can also affect other parts of the body such as the kidneys, lymph, nodes, joints and bones.
  • TB can be fatal: Many people simply ignore TB but they should know that it can be fatal. It can lead to death. When you suffer TB, your immune system will deteriorate.

You should know the symptoms of TB so you can be aware of it and treat it immediately. Symptoms include persistent coughing for more than three years, fever, fatigue, chest pain, weight loss and coughing blood. The risk of TB is higher for people who are drug addicts or people with poor nutrition.


A Guide to Saving for Your Retirement

We are all passing the same road. We will eventually grow old and when that time comes, we will retire. Here in Singapore, there are a large number of people who are retirees. The Singapore government is doing its best to provide seniors with their basic needs especially when they reach their retirement period.

If you are young, you save money so when you retire, you will not have difficulties. How will you do that? That is not a problem because we will guide you through it. You can now save for retirement by doing the following things:


  • Create a budget. Some people ignore the significance of proper budgeting or proportioning. You need all the money you have when you retire especially with your medications and other hobbies. You have to make sure that everything is covered. 
  • Manage the mortgage. Make sure that before you retire, you already paid your mortgage. It would be difficult to pay your mortgage when you are not expecting monthly salary, right?
  • Diversify. If you really want to manage your retirement well, you need the help of financial advisors. They will recommend that you diversify. When you diversify your portfolio, the more opportunity you will have.
  • Make retirement plans. Retirement plans are given when you are working. Your employer will give contributions for your pension or retirement. You need to make sure that your employer is updating your contributions.

If you consider some of the things mentioned above, you will be assured that your life in your prime will not be that difficult and hard. Retiring is the best time to do the things that you want to do.