A Quick Guide on the Best Korean Restaurants in Singapore

Ever since the popular Korean drama “Jewel in the Palace” was broadcast in Singapore in 2005, Singaporeans have had increased interest in Korean culture. Today, with popular Kpop groups and dramas gaining so much public attention, more and more restaurants are also popping up everywhere.

There are already more than 200 Korean restaurants and food stalls in Singapore. So here are some you can go to for your Korean food cravings.

Singkoba Barbeque
Korean restaurants are known to serve a variety of side dishes or ban chan and there’s no shortage of that here! The food is also served surprisingly fast, which of course, is very convenient for all the hungry customers. Their samgyeopsal is a feast for the eyes while cooking and just as satisfying when eaten. Even with the quality, Singkoba is one of the more affordable Korean BBQ restaurants in Singapore. An added bonus is that they have staff who can speak Korean, English, and Chinese.

Seoul Restaurant
Seoul Restaurant, located in the Regent Hotel, is one of the authentic Korean restaurants in Singapore. The tables, chairs, and overall layout of this restaurant reflect that of the Regent Hotel as a five-star hotel. The layout and furniture were all very new and clean, matching up to the top-quality layout and amenities of the entire Regent Hotel. Anything part of Korean cuisine from charcoal barbeque, rice bowls, and vegetable sides, you can have here.

When the first outlet of Bornga started operations in Star Vista Mall in 2012, it became so popular that the franchisee had to start more outlets later on. Bornga is a chain of barbeque restaurants by Korean celebrity chef, Baek Jong-won. He says he started Bornga with the aim of making Korean cuisine accessible to foreigners and not just Koreans. And we can say he succeeded in that! The meat they serve is juicy and there’s also no shortage of vegetables as sides.

E!ght Korean BBQ
This Korean barbeque restaurant is known for their unique 8 Colors Set. It is a set of eight thick-cut slices of pork belly, each with different flavors from herbal, to curry, to wine and so on. It also comes with side dishes like Seafood Doenjang Jjigae or bean paste stew, kimchi, potato salad, and etc. The 8 Colors Set should be good for 3-4 people. If you’re going alone or with a partner, you can order the 4 Colors Set.

Three Meals A Day
This restaurant shares the same name with a popular South Korean reality cooking show. You won’t doubt authenticity here because you’ll see that most of their customers are Koreans from office workers to moms with their kids. The dishes are also priced reasonably, which is always good. The side dishes were also very much appealing, from egg rolls to bean sprouts. Their kimchijeon or kimchi pancake is also must-have as a side