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Best Ways to Exfoliate Your Sensitive Skin

Even the most delicate skin type requires some exfoliation. In fact, allowing your skin to renew and regenerate itself could help in making it stronger later on. What’s more amazing is you won’t be using harsh chemicals and scrubs just to do it. Here, we listed down five alternative products that help you exfoliate your sensitive skin sans irritating it.

1. Peeling Gels
The word “peeling” might alarm you at first, but believe us when we say that these cleansers are really gentle. All you’ve got to do is massage the gel on your skin for a few seconds, or until the dead skin cells form small clumps that you can easily wash off.

2. Muslin Cloths
Using harsh scrubs won’t be necessary if you just exfoliate your skin on a regular basis. If you’re thinking of going the gentle exfoliation route, then use a warm muslin cloth to wipe any excess product after cleansing your face. It is old school, but it’s definitely effective.

3. Konjac Sponges
Sponges aren’t only fit to use for applying makeup and washing the dishes, and that’s what konjac sponges will prove to you. Use it to lightly scrub your skin before rinsing the foam like you usually do.

4. Pore Brushes
Pore brushes are a neater alternative to your good old facial sponges and cloths. Hailing from the Korean beauty department, pore brushes are renowned for their soft bristles that softly removes the dead skin cells. They also help your facial wash in performing a deeper cleanse by allowing it reach the inner nooks and crannies of your face.

5. Chemical Exfoliant
Unlike the previous exfoliation options, a chemical exfoliant uses exfoliating acids to get rid of dead skin. For instance, glycolic acid exfoliate the topmost layer of the skin to unclog your pores and refine your skin texture. It does all that without rubbing or tugging your skin. Even if this option is perfect for sensitive skin, however, dermatologists suggest to avoid using them on a daily basis. Your skin needs to build a tolerance for the acid to work.

Exfoliating sensitive skin isn’t as difficult as you think. In fact, simply using the aforementioned beauty tools will already help in getting rid of dirt and pollutants on your face without irritating your skin. So ditch your good old scrubs now and opt for these exfoliation tools and products instead.

Tricks to Keep Your Skin Hydrated On the Plane

We all wanted that fresh-from-vacation glow, but if you’ve ever been on a plane then you know that travelling takes a rather huge toll on your skin. Not only does the cabin air cause skin dryness and clogged pores, it can even trigger acne breakouts. So to help you maintain your skin’s hydration during a long haul flight, we’ve rounded up some tricks that’ll surely keep your skin under control and hydrated even when you’re hundred feet above the sky.


  1. Prep Up. The night before your flight, make sure that you exfoliate your skin and put on some moisturizing mask. This will help in clearing out the dead skin cells and deeply hydrating your skin as the mask penetrates. Also remember that long flights can make your body skin suffer from dryness as well, so it would be good to perform some dry skin brushing to prep up your body too.


  1. Pack the Right Products. If you’re having a long flight, then it’s crucial that you pack all the right skincare products with you. Make sure that you bring your face cream, hand cream, lip balm and hydrating mist with you – and that all of them are packed under 3.4 ounces so that you can get through the security. Once you’re on-board, apply these products more frequently than you normally would.


  1. Wear Less Makeup. When travelling by plane, it’s best that you wear lighter makeup than you usually do. Sticking with your heavy powders and foundations will only make you look dry and patchy. Instead, use a nourishing moisturizer, a BB cream, and tinted lip balm. Going with these products will leave your facial skin free for some extra moisturizing on-the-go.


  1. Use the Right Hydrating Mist. Most people use a hydrating mist to counteract dryness, but what they don’t know is spraying on the wrong water mist only makes things worse. Once the mist has evaporated, your skin dries out more. To avoid this, pack a rosemary, aloe or calendula mist instead. These hydrating mist options will provide with the right moisture that you need without completely drying out your skin.


  1. Nourish Your Body. Remember that the foods that you eat also affects your skin’s appearance. Indulging on fatty, greasy meals and tanking up on caffeine or alcohol will only cause your skin to become dull and dry. Instead, bring along some healthy snacks for your flight such as fruits and nuts. Also, make it a habit to carry your own water bottle and drink from it regularly.

The fresh-from-vacation glow is actually quite easy to achieve. Just keep these travel skincare tricks in mind, and you’ll surely have a healthy and youthful-looking skin even after flying hundred feet above ground.


5 Tricks to Trim Your Bangs at Home

Self-trimming our hair on a regular basis is something that we’re not really skilled at, which is why we treat ourselves to hair appointments when we’re looking to change our look on a major way, or when our strands just need some good trim. But it’s an entirely different story when you have bangs. So if you don’t have the time to regularly get your professional bang-trim, here are some easy trimming tricks that you can do to maintain the look of your bangs.


  1. Use the Right Trimming Tools. Using the right tools is one of the most important steps in getting a perfectly trimmed bangs. So instead of settling for your kitchen scissors, buy a good pair of hair-cutting shears in any beauty supply store in your area. They aren’t that expensive so you don’t have to worry about your budget.
  1. Work With Dry Hair. You might notice that your stylist cuts your hair after being washed, but when it comes to trimming your bangs, it would be best to cut it while it’s dry. Cutting them while wet may leave you with shorter bangs. If you find it rather difficult to cut dry hair, simply run a wet fine-toothed comb over your bangs to gather your hair and cut them better.
  1. Tie the Rest of Your Hair. To avoid cutting more bangs that you need to, tie the rest of hair in a ponytail, only leaving your bangs out. It’s quite easy to get excited and accidentally cut your bangs much wider than you planned.


  1. Start With the Centre to the Sides. In trimming bangs, stylists recommend starting from its centre then gradually working your way to the sides. You can use a comb to pull down small sections of your hair up to where you want it to stop in your forehead. When you’ve reached one end, start from the centre again and work your way to the other side. Remember to only make small snips as you move towards one side to avoid any unwanted cuts on your bangs.
  1. Measure it Frequently. Instead of overdoing it in a hasty snip-session, do take your time in trimming your bangs and check it frequently to ensure that both side are evenly snipped. Ruffle it gently using your fingers to see if there are any unevenness. If you’re happy with the results, good for you; if not, simply repeat the last two steps until you’re satisfied with the cut.

Trimming your bangs require both time and patience. So keep these tricks in mind to ensure that you’ll be able to get the look that you want the next time you have your bang-trim session.


Quick Fixes for Your Sweaty Summer Makeup Mishaps

Sweating off your makeup during summer is inevitable, but is such a pain when you’ve spent hours just to put them on. But there’s no need to worry anymore ladies, since there’s nothing a quick and good touch-up can’t fix. So list down these best tips that’ll help you bring your red face and raccoon eyes back to the fresh and flawless you.


  1. Use Fix-It Sprays for Melted Foundation. When the humidity starts to literally melt your foundation off your face, experts suggest taking a fix-it spray and spritzing it all over your face. Just lightly dab it on your face and reapply as you normally would. Some of the best choices for fix-it sprays include Evian Mineral Water Spray or just your good old rose water. It would also be better if you stick with liquid foundation instead of using powders that can get thick when mixed with sweat or other liquid products.
  1. Re-Blend Your Creased Eyeshadow. If there’s one thing that can turn your dramatic smoky eye into raccoon eyes, it would be the summer’s heat. Luckily, you can already perform a good touch-up that only requires your finger. Using a circular dabbing motion, gently re-blend your creased eyeshadow back into your lids. Do this using your ring finger to get the right amount of pressure without removing your shadow, and remember to use waterproof mascara during the hot summer days too.


  1. Work With Hairspray to Fix Melted Brows. There’s nothing more awkward than having your on-point brows sweat off all over your face during the day. The good thing is you can avoid such embarrassment by spraying on some hairspray. Sure, brow gels work, but they can get too liquid-y and may drag the powder off once their expose to extreme heat. Instead, spray some hairspray into your spoolie and brush it upwards over your brows.

Another great trick that you can do with hairsprays it to spritz it all over your face to set your makeup both in sweaty or humid conditions. Just make sure that you don’t breath in its fumes, and that the spray is contained in an aerosol can.

Dealing with melted makeup can be very frustrating. Luckily, you can now use these solutions to fix your makeup messes, and look fresh and flawless even in sweaty and humid conditions.


Turn Back the Hands of Time

4 Ways to Get Rid of Aging Hands
You may be committed to your anti-aging skincare routine, but one of the biggest giveaway of your age is nowhere near your face – it’s in your hands. Dried, washed and been exposed to various elements, your hands have really worked hard for you and it will likely show. Luckily, aging hands can be easily prevented. By following these six hand-care tips, you can now keep your hands looking as young as they feel now.


  1. Protect Them From Elements. Be it from hot dish water or cold weather, it’s important that you keep your hands protected from it. Understand that the skin on your hands is thin and failing to keep them protected is what causes aging. So every time you clean with bleach, or use hot water to scrub your pans and pots, wear some latex gloves to keep all the chemicals off your hands.
  1. Exfoliate Them. Remember how great your face feels after exfoliating them? That’s how your hands will also feel if you just exfoliate them. Exfoliation works by removing the dead layer of the skin, leaving new and smoother skin. So start doing a weekly exfoliation on your hands now to get instantly smoother hands.


  1. Keep Your Cuticles Moisturized. Trimming your cuticles may be a bit of a controversy, but ensuring that they stay hydrated will keep that dry and scaly look at bay. Do this by using products like solar oil. Not only will this keep your cuticles soft, it will also provide the same moisture that your nails need.
  1. Apply Sunscreen on Your Hands Regularly. We all know from our facial care that the sun’s harmful UV rays is what causes premature skin aging. So make it a habit to apply some sunscreen on your hands. Not only will it protect your hands from the sun, it’ll also help in keeping them smooth as before.

Getting younger-looking hands is actually pretty easy. All you’ve got to do this is apply your facial routine in your hand-care routine, and you’ll now be able to maintain your hand’s smoothness.


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