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FIFA Venue in Great Peril

For football enthusiasts, they are looking forward to FIFA (Federation Internationale de Football Association) in June 2014. FIFA announced on March 7, 2003 that the 2014 World Cup Finals will be held in Brazil. It is almost near but there have been reports saying the venue is not yet ready. In fact, FIFA Secretary General Jerome Valcke gave Brazil few weeks to show that the Curitiba stadium is ready for its undertaking.


The Secretary General showed worry and apprehension when he visited the Arena da Baixada on January 21, 2014. He mentioned that the stadium is late. He believes that the stadium will take part in the World Cup but he did not guarantee that it will be ready by June. The Secretary General gave the organizers until February 18, 2014 to prove that it can be completed before the World Cup.



The venue is about 90% completed. That is the good news but of course, FIFA wants it to be perfect in time for the World Cup Finals. The slow pace of construction is attributed to funding problems. There will be six venues for the World Cup (including the Itaquerao and Arena das Dunas stadium). Among the six, Arena da Baixada in Curitiba is the most delayed.

Arena da Baixada is expected to host 4 World Cup games. On June 16, 2014, the first match will be Iran vs. Nigeria. The stadium should be compelted by now. If the stadium cannot make it, it will surely raise serious concerns because many people have secured their tickets. Apart from that, there are football enthusiasts who already booked their flights and hotels to see the event. The move to another stadium or city will really affect the event.

Arena da Baixada


Code of Conduct for Wrestlers

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Wrestling is not only for the strong people. Even the weakest can enjoy this activity. Wrestling can be a sport or hobby depending on you. If you are into this activity, the first thing that you should do is be familiar with the code of conduct for wrestlers. The code of conduct will serve as your bible. You have to live by it. Here is the code of conduct for wrestlers that you should keep in mind:

  1. Respect your opponent It is important that you respect your partner at all times. Apart from your partner, you need to respect the practice room and more importantly, respect the whole team.
  2. Wrestle to the best of your ability When you wrestle, you should do your best even if it is only practice. You should give your best especially during tournaments and competitions.
  3. Be early – When you are scheduled for a match, you should be early and do not be late. Even if it is only practice, arriving early can make a difference.
  4. Join every practice – Practice makes perfect. You should make it a point to join every practice so you will become better every day.
  5. Inform your coach if you’re injured – If you are feeling unusual, you should look for the coach and tell him/her of your injuries. This is to prevent further damage to occur.
  6. Be a good sportA sports person should be a good sport. It is expected that you will be a good sport. Even if you lose or win, the important thing is you do your best to accept everything.
  7. Practice discipline The most important thing in every sport or field is discipline. Without it, things will surely fall apart. You have to remember that discipline will determine how you live every day.

Furies Grapple in Falcon Frenzy