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How do we know if the Baby is Getting Enough Milk?  


Being new to breastfeeding and motherhood in general, we are constantly worried whether our infants are getting enough milk. It is important that they get enough milk for their optimal development.


According to La Leche League, regardless of the methods we consider, we will know if our baby is getting enough milk with the following indicators:

  • Average feedings: The average feeding should be at least eight to twelve feedings for twenty four hours.
  • Duration of the feeding: If the baby is not sucking for more than ten to twenty minutes, we should be concerned. In average the baby will feed ten to twenty minutes per breast or longer – not shorter.


  • Swallowing sounds: We will know if the baby is getting enough milk if we hear swallowing sounds. Of course, that also means our baby is enjoying the milk.
  • Weight gain: After our babies fourth week, it is expected that he/she will gain weight. The weight should be at least four to seven ounces per week and if our baby fell short, we have to consult a paediatrician.
  • Other physical signs: If our baby is active and appears healthy, that is the greatest indication that he/she is getting enough milk. As an addition, we should determine if our baby has a god color and firm skin. More importantly, our baby should grow in length.

To help the baby get enough milk, the position is crucial. We have to know the right position for babies to latch on. If we position the baby correctly, it can also help us avoid nipple soreness.