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Memories to Bring into the New Year

Sometimes our memories play tricks on us as they slowly slip through our fingers the less we think of them. There have been a lot of memories collected all throughout the year and there are only a few of them which affect your growth in a positive way. Memories can either make or break you. Sometimes you have to let go of the bad memories to make way for the good ones. Sometimes it’s only fair that we smile a little more.

Thinking of the greatest memories you’ve experienced throughout the year 2017 helps motivate you for the start of 2018. Besides, not all memories are baggage, sometimes memories are what keep us going. Now, let’s start remembering the good times.

Here are a couple of guides for you to follow when remembering the good things that have happened throughout the year.

1. Funniest Joke of the Year
Starting off with the funniest joke or the moment which you can never forget because of how funny it was is a great way to start. Think of all the laughs you’ve had maybe even to the point of tears. Think of all the laughs you’ve heard around and how happy you were in that moment of laughter.

2. Best Friend of the Year
Now, think of the most important friend of the year. The one who has been there the most and has been the most genuine towards you. It may be the same person from the year before it may even be a totally new person. Either way, think of the best moments you’ve had with that specific friend.

3. Best Meal of the Year
Now this might be a hard one, but think of the best food you’ve ever tasted throughout the year, it may be something new or it may be your favorite, but remember the taste and how it made you feel consuming such a delicious and delightful dish. Think of how happy you were to have been able to eat something as tasty as that specific dish!

4. Best Scene of the Year
Remembering the best scenery is usually the hardest one. Sometimes the colors alter, the details fade, and the feeling changes. But try to go back to the basic feelings that started to wake inside of you as you have witnessed the beauty of a specific scene. Remember that scene and ponder on it’s beauty.

5. Best Experience of the Year
Now this is a hard one since there may have been a lot of them, but think of the one thing that happened throughout the year that you wouldn’t trade for anything at all.

Start the new year with the inspiration and motivation you’ve collected throughout the year 2017.

Living a Better Life By Smiling

Smiles are very powerful! Have you ever looked into the eyes of someone you love or admire and they suddenly give you that genuine smile glowing in all splendor and sort of blinding everything around them? Well, that’s the power of the smile. From displaying affection to a simply reassurance, a smile can mean a lot to us.

We Don’t Smile Often Enough
Everyone has the ability to smile but some of them sadly choose the path of a more melancholic and serious approach. Smiling doesn’t hurt anyone at all. In fact, a smile is contagious. Have you ever had a moment when you aren’t feeling too happy then somebody passes by with a genuine smile? That could definitely shift your mood around! A smile is very important!

Smiles are healthy way to communicate in a positive language. Just as you’re expected to keep a straight face when you are the bringer of bad news, you should also be able to smile when you are trying to relate positivity towards others. Everyone should smile for at least five minutes a day! Okay, maybe not straight five minutes, but then again people should smile more often.

Smiling Helps in All Aspects of Life
Even in business a smile is very important to showcase respect and understanding towards a certain topic. Not everybody likes to smile. Let’s face it, some people just don’t like smiling at all. This is something that should be changed! Just like how we cry when we are sad, our body reacts in a way that makes us smile when we are happy.
Babies are a perfect example of communication through only two actions. Babies either smile/laugh or cry. As easy as that! Babies display either a positive response through smiling or a negative response through crying. Behind the complexity of our language, the basic communication we use to convey a positive message will always be through smiling.

A Life Without Smiles is Miserable
Going a day without smiling is definite torture and nobody should have to go through that. Some people just can’t find something to smile about. This is understandable for others because of the situational hardships they are going through and although we can’t force people to smile, we ourselves can smile for them and at them. Have you ever tried smiling at a stranger?

Was it weird? Well, it shouldn’t be! You should try to smile more often and to as many people as you can. Start your day off with a smile and end your day with a smile and you’ll see how much it can affect your daily life from the way you think to the way you move. Live life with a smile.

Managing Your Appointments

Singaporean women are used to the hustle and bustle but sometimes, things are forgotten. With the holidays coming, it is hard to keep up with everything. There are a lot of things going on like grocery shopping, house decorating, buying presents, scheduling waxing and many things. It is important that you fulfill your duties at the same time do personal things so you will not leave something out.


To cope with everything, you can begin by managing your appointments. Managing your appointment is the efficient way to deal with busy days. Here are some tips that you can consider when you manage your appointments:

Think about your priority

If you know your priorities, you will surely know what comes next. You have to make a mental note when you are trying to schedule your appointment.

Write it

If you are not good at remembering mental notes, you should write it and make sure that your planner is always with you so you can refer to it anytime you forget your schedule or appointment.


Encode it

If you are a digital person, you can use technology to help you manage your schedule or appointments. You can encode your schedule in your Smartphone and make sure to turn its alarm on.

Budget your time

Regardless of what method you use, you need to budget your time so you will not miss anything. If possible, when you write or encode your plan, determine when you start and end it.

Managing your time is not easy because there are times that things change without prior notice. When this happens, you should be ready. You can do it!