Managing Your Appointments

Singaporean women are used to the hustle and bustle but sometimes, things are forgotten. With the holidays coming, it is hard to keep up with everything. There are a lot of things going on like grocery shopping, house decorating, buying presents, scheduling waxing and many things. It is important that you fulfill your duties at the same time do personal things so you will not leave something out.


To cope with everything, you can begin by managing your appointments. Managing your appointment is the efficient way to deal with busy days. Here are some tips that you can consider when you manage your appointments:

Think about your priority

If you know your priorities, you will surely know what comes next. You have to make a mental note when you are trying to schedule your appointment.

Write it

If you are not good at remembering mental notes, you should write it and make sure that your planner is always with you so you can refer to it anytime you forget your schedule or appointment.


Encode it

If you are a digital person, you can use technology to help you manage your schedule or appointments. You can encode your schedule in your Smartphone and make sure to turn its alarm on.

Budget your time

Regardless of what method you use, you need to budget your time so you will not miss anything. If possible, when you write or encode your plan, determine when you start and end it.

Managing your time is not easy because there are times that things change without prior notice. When this happens, you should be ready. You can do it!