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What You Need to Know About the Famous Milk Tea

Milk tea has been enjoying a rise in popularity over recent years. In Asian countries such as Singapore, Malaysia, and the Philippines, the drink is notably well-loved that you can find milk tea stalls almost all over the nation.
Also commonly called as Bubble tea or simply “Boba”, its sweet taste is enough to attract more and more avid milk tea lovers by the day. Even westerners have acknowledged it may just become the next “big” drink sold out in the market.

Bubble tea has been around for about 30 years. The drink was first created in Taiwan during the 80’s, commonly called as milk tea. It is made out of fresh brewed tea, sugar, and milk – later shaken with ice to serve ice-cold. The initial process of preparing bubble tea paved way for the name to come up. As the tea is shaken, a froth forms atop the drink. The namesake is attributed to that bubble froth and thus the name, bubble tea.

Milk tea’s original topping is the tapioca pearls. They are these little, sweet black balls often seen at the bottom of the drink. It is made from cassava root and rolled in a ball-shape figure before it is cooked to achieve its chewable texture. Shortly afterwards, it is also flavored with various syrup and sugar. The most common flavoring used is either brown sugar or sugar extract. The chewy texture of tapioca pearls can be likened to a sweet Japanese dessert, Mochi.

However, as time shifted, so did the taste buds of milk tea lovers. Milk tea stalls now offer jellies, pudding, and a rock salt and cheese froth as toppings on your drink. The jellies are made out of nata de coco (commonly imported from the Philippines) which is a coconut-water based treat. In order to jellify the coconut water, it is fermented without the presence of gelatin. The sweet jellies are later flavored with juiced and fruit syrups, and it is also considered gluten-free and vegan!

Common Flavor
Considered as the original flavor of bubble tea, classic milk tea remains the most popular variant among milk tea lovers. It is made out of black tea combined with evaporated milk and sugar. The strong black tea is brewed and strained, and in order to cool down the drink, the liquid is pulled. Evaporated milk is then added in order to make it creamier and thicker. It’s a well-balanced flavor between the bitterness of the tea and the sweetness of the milk and sugar, making it a top-selling flavor.

Standard Sauna vs. Infrared Sauna: What You Need to Know


As opposed to old fashioned saunas which use electric stoves, infrared saunas make use of infrared heaters. In a typical sauna, the electric stoves warm up the air around the room but an infrared sauna works by using light to precisely heat the person or a thing. A far infrared sauna therapy, just like ordinary sauna, has a lot of health benefits. But how do you assess the two? Do you need to get an infrared sauna for home or opt for an old-fashioned one? There is absolutely no right or wrong response here. Both of these infrared and typical saunas have their benefits and drawbacks.


Let us take a glance first what precisely classic saunas can do. Traditional saunas warm up the air which brings up steam and makes you sweat. Excessive sweating can eliminate toxic compounds from your body so short sauna sessions are a fantastic way to detoxify yourself. Saunas may also help soothe pain from rheumatoid arthritis and also the steam from the hot air can certainly help deal with respiratory breathing issues just like bronchitis.

So what about the infrared one? They actually do the same thing – help to make you sweat – so they do not have similar health benefits? Certainly, not. There are various good reasons why an infrared sauna is way better for overall health functions. Considering that a far infrared sauna heats up your body from within, you perspire more toxic compounds in contrast with a common sauna. The infrared type can likewise improve the flow of blood because warming up your body straightly can raise the rate of one’s heart rhythm. In case you’re purchasing a sauna primarily for overall health benefits, you need to look for the best infrared sauna to buy.

There are various other non-health benefits to using an infrared sauna. Infrared saunas consume less energy than regular saunas mainly because they function at lower temperature conditions. This may lead to big savings as time passes particularly if you frequently make use of the sauna. Infrared saunas also don’t need water. This will make it simpler to set up an infrared sauna for home.


Despite these positive aspects, why do some individuals insist on making use of regular saunas? There is certainly one particular health benefit a regular sauna provides over infrared kinds. The steam in classic saunas are perfect for breathing concerns. Infrared saunas don’t have heavy steam so in case you’ve got bronchitis, a classic sauna could possibly be the better remedy. In the end though, it all boils down to personal preference. Some individuals simply like the experience of regular saunas. To them, a regular sauna is a soothing experience that cannot be matched by an infrared one. Even if they don’t have respiratory difficulties, they might still choose having steam for the reason that they consider steam an important part of the sauna experience.

The classic saunas as well as infrared saunas are great and beneficial solutions to unwind. It’s at your discretion if you want to use traditional saunas so you can get that old classic experience or if perhaps you wish to get the best infrared sauna to buy simply because of its numerous health rewards. Just in case you are pregnant, have augmentations, or are taking prescription drugs that might be affected by a rise in temperature, it is much better to seek advice from a physician before you start a far infrared sauna therapy.


Tips on How to Find the Perfect Hot Tub


Have you ever planned buying your own hot tub? A hot tub is a good way to enjoy your time with your friends. You would probably be searching for a hot tub right now if not for the high price. But hot tubs can be cheap. If you keep a number of things in mind, you can buy hot tubs in Singapore at reasonable prices.


Decide on your overall budget

Before buying a tub, it is best to make a budget to serve as a guide how much you’d use up. Check out the hot tub offers in Singapore you’ll be able to see and stay with your budget as much as possible; just adjust it in case you are unable to find a hot tub to buy in Singapore that fits your budget and meets your other guidelines also including quality.

Calculate the monthly operating costs of the tub

Having a tub does not just come with a one-time payment. You will need to consistently pay out money every month as maintenance or energy expenses. The more energy-efficient the tub, the less costly it will likely be over the years although it costs more to purchase. If you would like to lower your expenses on upkeep, pick out an acrylic tub. They demand lower maintenance versus tubs made of other components. Tubs made with wood are great to look at though they must have a lot of upkeep.


Find promos or discounts

One of the significant things to keep out for when shopping is promos. Any promo given by hot tub companies can help with the budget. Check around for possible discounts. You could also check if they give discounts for certain events or holidays. In case you’re not in a rush to purchase a tub, you could hold you buy until the discount date.

Check for tubs that comes with bonuses. This will allow you to reduce costs eventually. Of course, you should not just purchase a tub for freebies or discounts. Some tubs seem less expensive because of the discounts however they may have a much higher actual price.

Constantly search around

The trick to finding the perfect hot tub to buy in Singapore to your budget is to keep searching. Although you see a tub you just assume is ideal, don’t get it at once. Let them know that you’ll come again. Watch the estimated electricity and upkeep costs, costs, and quality for each tub. Assess each of the tubs to determine what is most suitable to you.

In the end, the budget are just an aspect to bear in mind when buying a tub. You can come across many salesmen trying to get you to buy hot tubs in Singapore at much discounted costs. Although that may seem enticing, just take these discounts if the quality of their tubs are great.


Types of Personal Caretakers and Their Services


In this modern day and age, it is quite typical to see individuals trying to do their best in juggling everything. From house chores up to daily tasks needed to be completed at the office, people will always try to do their best to accomplish as many things as they can. That is why it’s so admirable to see people who are able to manage their time well and complete all of their tasks in a day to day basis.


The “Secret” of Personal Caretakers

But do you want to know what their secret is? Do you want to know how they’re able to do all of these things with no problem? Well, they must have amazing skills in time-management that they’re able to do all of the tasks needed to be completed with ease. And the other possible answer is the hiring of a personal caretaker from a reputable company providing concierge services to interested clients.

A caretaker, also sometimes called as a personal assistant, PA, or personal aide, is the person providing his/her assistance services to the client to complete any daily tasks related to a personal or business issue. The client will be the one deciding whether the services of a personal assistant is for a short or long term basis. If it’s for a one-off job then it is best to tap the services of a concierge company so you can check if you need to pay for a sign-up or membership fee or anything at all.


Benefits of Having Your Own Custodian

There are various benefits provided by getting the services of a personal custodian even if it’s just for a one-off job or a recurring one. One of it is the client’s able to focus on more important things and they can give other less vital tasks to the concierge. You can even get to relax especially when you know that all of the things listed in your to-do list gets done on time.

If you decided that it’s high time to get the services of a concierge, you will discover that there are several types of services they can do for you. You can get their services to complete a personal, domestic, corporate, or for travel tasks. What you will read next is a detailed discussion on these several types of concierge services offered by these service providers today.

Personal Concierge070

Why I Love Listening to Audio Books


Ever since the advent of the Internet and YouTube, Singaporeans have found listening to audio books as a productive way to spend their time. It also helps that some of the world’s leading motivational speakers promote audio books as a recipe for a successful individual. You’ll find as many interesting topics in audio books as you’ll find in printed books ranging from Harry Potter series to self-help inspirational books such as Think and Grow Rich. It is no wonder that many book lovers like me love listening to audio books.


This is the best medium for us auditory people

There are visual people and there are auditory people. Auditory people learn faster when listening and so their best medium when it comes to learning through books would be audio books. On the other hand, visual people have a tendency to be easily bored when listening to audio books because they are more comfortable with looking at something to keep their attention.

This helps me become productive

One of the best things about an audio book is that I can devour them while I’m doing something else. This is ideal for those busy people or for those who like doing multi-tasking like me. This is also why a lot of success is attributed to simply listening to educational audio books. They say that if you consume an audio book every day, it would be like going to a class. So by the end of a year, you would have completed an entire course just by this!


This helps me read faster

Some people plainly read fast. But I find that it’s easier to finish a book when someone else is reading it for me just like in an audio book. Speakers set the tone at a more ideal pace and they’re more consistent as compared to my down days when I tend to read books slower. Some audio books also have speed settings where you can adjust the reader’s speed according to your preference.

This makes reading more interesting

I love listening to British accents and audio books help me indulge in this sophisticated accent. Some audio books are also read by actors themselves which make listening to the story more dramatic and entertaining. It’s almost as if you’re reliving the entire book yourself and not just listening to it.

Most of them are for free

The best thing about audio books is that you can have them for free! Yes, for free. I search for them in YouTube or in other dedicated websites that offer listening to these books for free. They’re still of great quality, too, even though you don’t pay for them.


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