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Quick Fixes for Your Sweaty Summer Makeup Mishaps

Sweating off your makeup during summer is inevitable, but is such a pain when you’ve spent hours just to put them on. But there’s no need to worry anymore ladies, since there’s nothing a quick and good touch-up can’t fix. So list down these best tips that’ll help you bring your red face and raccoon eyes back to the fresh and flawless you.


  1. Use Fix-It Sprays for Melted Foundation. When the humidity starts to literally melt your foundation off your face, experts suggest taking a fix-it spray and spritzing it all over your face. Just lightly dab it on your face and reapply as you normally would. Some of the best choices for fix-it sprays include Evian Mineral Water Spray or just your good old rose water. It would also be better if you stick with liquid foundation instead of using powders that can get thick when mixed with sweat or other liquid products.
  1. Re-Blend Your Creased Eyeshadow. If there’s one thing that can turn your dramatic smoky eye into raccoon eyes, it would be the summer’s heat. Luckily, you can already perform a good touch-up that only requires your finger. Using a circular dabbing motion, gently re-blend your creased eyeshadow back into your lids. Do this using your ring finger to get the right amount of pressure without removing your shadow, and remember to use waterproof mascara during the hot summer days too.


  1. Work With Hairspray to Fix Melted Brows. There’s nothing more awkward than having your on-point brows sweat off all over your face during the day. The good thing is you can avoid such embarrassment by spraying on some hairspray. Sure, brow gels work, but they can get too liquid-y and may drag the powder off once their expose to extreme heat. Instead, spray some hairspray into your spoolie and brush it upwards over your brows.

Another great trick that you can do with hairsprays it to spritz it all over your face to set your makeup both in sweaty or humid conditions. Just make sure that you don’t breath in its fumes, and that the spray is contained in an aerosol can.

Dealing with melted makeup can be very frustrating. Luckily, you can now use these solutions to fix your makeup messes, and look fresh and flawless even in sweaty and humid conditions.


Turn Back the Hands of Time

4 Ways to Get Rid of Aging Hands
You may be committed to your anti-aging skincare routine, but one of the biggest giveaway of your age is nowhere near your face – it’s in your hands. Dried, washed and been exposed to various elements, your hands have really worked hard for you and it will likely show. Luckily, aging hands can be easily prevented. By following these six hand-care tips, you can now keep your hands looking as young as they feel now.


  1. Protect Them From Elements. Be it from hot dish water or cold weather, it’s important that you keep your hands protected from it. Understand that the skin on your hands is thin and failing to keep them protected is what causes aging. So every time you clean with bleach, or use hot water to scrub your pans and pots, wear some latex gloves to keep all the chemicals off your hands.
  1. Exfoliate Them. Remember how great your face feels after exfoliating them? That’s how your hands will also feel if you just exfoliate them. Exfoliation works by removing the dead layer of the skin, leaving new and smoother skin. So start doing a weekly exfoliation on your hands now to get instantly smoother hands.


  1. Keep Your Cuticles Moisturized. Trimming your cuticles may be a bit of a controversy, but ensuring that they stay hydrated will keep that dry and scaly look at bay. Do this by using products like solar oil. Not only will this keep your cuticles soft, it will also provide the same moisture that your nails need.
  1. Apply Sunscreen on Your Hands Regularly. We all know from our facial care that the sun’s harmful UV rays is what causes premature skin aging. So make it a habit to apply some sunscreen on your hands. Not only will it protect your hands from the sun, it’ll also help in keeping them smooth as before.

Getting younger-looking hands is actually pretty easy. All you’ve got to do this is apply your facial routine in your hand-care routine, and you’ll now be able to maintain your hand’s smoothness.


6 Tips to Prepare Yourself for Your First Bikini Wax

If you want your intimate area to be a bit more tamed, but you’re already tired of getting razor burns, then going for a bikini wax might be the right option for you. While it may seem similar with your usual waxing procedure, there are still some things that you need to consider. So if you’re already excited to get that sexy summer look, as well as the self-esteem you’ll need to sport your new swimsuit, here are six important preparation tips that you can do to make your first bikini wax experience a successful one.


  1. Avoid Shaving the Area. You can trim the area to be waxed, but as much as possible, leave at least a quarter inch long of hair. Trimming any shorter than this will make it more difficult to remove the remaining hair using a hot wax treatment. Plus, stubble shaving leftovers is just nearly impossible to remove.
  1. Skip on the Moisturizer After Shower. Although it’s normal that you want to be clean before going to your bikini wax appointment, applying some moisturizer might work against you as it can make your skin oily. If you happen to unintentionally use some moisturizer, use a bit of baby powder to prevent sweating while going to your waxing appointment. The powder will aid in absorbing the oil that may accumulate in your bikini area.
  1. Schedule Your Waxing Appointment a Week Before or After Your Period. The week before your period takes place is the time when your skin becomes more sensitive than usual, but the week after your period is the time when you’ll be more tolerant to pain, so experts advise that you have your waxing appointment scheduled during that time.


  1. Apply Some Numbing Cream for Sensitive Skin. The bikini area has one of the most sensitive layer of skin in our body, and if you happen to have an extremely low pain tolerance, then you may want to invest in a numbing cream. Slather it over the area to be waxed to ease off the pain of waxing.
  1. Shower Before Heading to Your Appointment. Showering before showing up for your appointment will surely be appreciated by the person attending with your waxing needs as it will not only get rid of the sweaty smell in the area, it’ll also cut down the amount of oil on your skin.

Although it may seem scary at first, properly preparing for your bikini wax will surely help in making it an enjoyable experience for you. So, just follow the aforementioned tips to fully enjoy your clean bikini area.


6 Face Cleansing Mistakes That You Might Be Making

Cleansing your face may seem like a pretty easy task – wet, lather and rinse. What else could go wrong right? However, if you’re committing any of these six mistakes, then there’s a chance that skin issues like irritation, dryness and breakout may occur and damage your fair complexion.


  1. Using Face Wipes Excessively. While it may be the easiest option that we have when it comes to cleansing our face, it might actually be the time to finally stop using facial wipes. Most of the wipes that you use are loaded with chemicals, such as emulsifiers and surfactants, which removes your makeup but also causes some skin problems.
  1. Applying Harsh Cleansers Even With Oily Skin. It may seem logical to go hard-core on your oily skin, but using grainy astringent washes can actually be too harsh for you skin, stripping off your skin’s natural oils and making your problem even worse. Instead of opting for such cleansers, use those milder astringents that works great with oily skin.
  1. Switching Between Hot and Cold Water. We may believe that hot water opens our pores and cold water closes it, when it’s actually not true. In fact, frequently switching from hot to cold water only puts our skin to shock so it would be best to keep your water around mid-way or lukewarm.


  1. Waiting for the Cleanser to Soak Up. Cream cleansers are great for soothing dry skin, but allowing them to sink in your skin will only make them less effective at cleansing your skin’s surface.
  1. Scrubbing Excessively. A soft and freshly-scrubbed skin is what everyone wants but dermatologists suggest not scrubbing your skin daily as it may end up tearing your pores. Instead, they suggest performing it for only two nights each week and still get similar results.
  1. Failing to Lock In Moisture. Another mistake that you may be making while cleansing your face is failing to seal in the moisture in your skin. Completely cleanse your skin by applying all the necessary products while your skin is still moist to maximize the effects of active ingredients as well as extra absorption.

Facial cleansing may seem like an easy task, but it actually has lots of considerations to think about. So avoid the aforementioned mistakes to get the most out of each of your face cleanse and to get the fairer complexion you’ve always wanted.


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