6 Tips to Prepare Yourself for Your First Bikini Wax

If you want your intimate area to be a bit more tamed, but you’re already tired of getting razor burns, then going for a bikini wax might be the right option for you. While it may seem similar with your usual waxing procedure, there are still some things that you need to consider. So if you’re already excited to get that sexy summer look, as well as the self-esteem you’ll need to sport your new swimsuit, here are six important preparation tips that you can do to make your first bikini wax experience a successful one.


  1. Avoid Shaving the Area. You can trim the area to be waxed, but as much as possible, leave at least a quarter inch long of hair. Trimming any shorter than this will make it more difficult to remove the remaining hair using a hot wax treatment. Plus, stubble shaving leftovers is just nearly impossible to remove.
  1. Skip on the Moisturizer After Shower. Although it’s normal that you want to be clean before going to your bikini wax appointment, applying some moisturizer might work against you as it can make your skin oily. If you happen to unintentionally use some moisturizer, use a bit of baby powder to prevent sweating while going to your waxing appointment. The powder will aid in absorbing the oil that may accumulate in your bikini area.
  1. Schedule Your Waxing Appointment a Week Before or After Your Period. The week before your period takes place is the time when your skin becomes more sensitive than usual, but the week after your period is the time when you’ll be more tolerant to pain, so experts advise that you have your waxing appointment scheduled during that time.


  1. Apply Some Numbing Cream for Sensitive Skin. The bikini area has one of the most sensitive layer of skin in our body, and if you happen to have an extremely low pain tolerance, then you may want to invest in a numbing cream. Slather it over the area to be waxed to ease off the pain of waxing.
  1. Shower Before Heading to Your Appointment. Showering before showing up for your appointment will surely be appreciated by the person attending with your waxing needs as it will not only get rid of the sweaty smell in the area, it’ll also cut down the amount of oil on your skin.

Although it may seem scary at first, properly preparing for your bikini wax will surely help in making it an enjoyable experience for you. So, just follow the aforementioned tips to fully enjoy your clean bikini area.