5 Tricks to Trim Your Bangs at Home

Self-trimming our hair on a regular basis is something that we’re not really skilled at, which is why we treat ourselves to hair appointments when we’re looking to change our look on a major way, or when our strands just need some good trim. But it’s an entirely different story when you have bangs. So if you don’t have the time to regularly get your professional bang-trim, here are some easy trimming tricks that you can do to maintain the look of your bangs.


  1. Use the Right Trimming Tools. Using the right tools is one of the most important steps in getting a perfectly trimmed bangs. So instead of settling for your kitchen scissors, buy a good pair of hair-cutting shears in any beauty supply store in your area. They aren’t that expensive so you don’t have to worry about your budget.
  1. Work With Dry Hair. You might notice that your stylist cuts your hair after being washed, but when it comes to trimming your bangs, it would be best to cut it while it’s dry. Cutting them while wet may leave you with shorter bangs. If you find it rather difficult to cut dry hair, simply run a wet fine-toothed comb over your bangs to gather your hair and cut them better.
  1. Tie the Rest of Your Hair. To avoid cutting more bangs that you need to, tie the rest of hair in a ponytail, only leaving your bangs out. It’s quite easy to get excited and accidentally cut your bangs much wider than you planned.


  1. Start With the Centre to the Sides. In trimming bangs, stylists recommend starting from its centre then gradually working your way to the sides. You can use a comb to pull down small sections of your hair up to where you want it to stop in your forehead. When you’ve reached one end, start from the centre again and work your way to the other side. Remember to only make small snips as you move towards one side to avoid any unwanted cuts on your bangs.
  1. Measure it Frequently. Instead of overdoing it in a hasty snip-session, do take your time in trimming your bangs and check it frequently to ensure that both side are evenly snipped. Ruffle it gently using your fingers to see if there are any unevenness. If you’re happy with the results, good for you; if not, simply repeat the last two steps until you’re satisfied with the cut.

Trimming your bangs require both time and patience. So keep these tricks in mind to ensure that you’ll be able to get the look that you want the next time you have your bang-trim session.