Global Market Share Comparison of Smartphones  

Singaporeans love gadgets and new technologies. In the case of smart phones, our choice is often between only two brands – Apple or Samsung. Whatever we choose, we’re still sure to get a good phone. But in case you want to know which brand has more appeal, just check their market share.


The success of the newest iPhone fortified the position of Apple in the global market. Samsung on the other hand is still doing its best to outwit the competition. Apple paved the way for modern smartphones after releasing its first iPhone way back 2007. However, Samsung has actually been the frontrunner since 2011 with their supersized smartphones.

The International Data Corp showed the changes of market share in 2013 and 2014:

  • 2013: In the 4th quarter of 2013, the market share of Samsung was 28.8%, which made them the leading seller of smartphones. Apple has a market share of 17.4% followed by Lenovo at 4.7%, Huawei at 5.7% and Xiaomi at 2%.


  • 2014: In the 4th quarter of 2014, the market share of Samsung was 20%; they are still the leading seller of smartphones followed by Apple at 19.6%. With its new models, Apple almost overtook Samsung for the lead. The company is followed by Lenovo at 6.6%, Huawei at 6.2% and Xiaomi at 4.4%.

The figures above prove that Samsung need to contend with other smartphone companies aside from Apple. The competition is fierce for low-priced Chinese manufacturers like the Lenovo, Huawei and Xiaomi.

At the end of the day, those who are in top exert more effort to keep their positions. We will see what will happen in the market in the coming months.