The Issues Concerning Drones

You see drones in movies but the market is now offering it openly to Singaporeans who are attracted to it. In fact, there is an increase of Singaporean drone hobbyists that are willing to spend at least S$1,500 to fly their own remote control mini helicopter. According to recent reports, the prices of drones are falling continuously.


The falling price is a big factor that draws more hobbyists. Do not be surprised when you see more drones in the near future. Drones are more than hobby for it can be used in different fields such as events, movies and construction. For example, drones are used to cover aerial view when it comes to big events like wedding. It can also be used to get an aerial shot of a movie scene. More importantly, construction companies use drones to inspect their buildings to reduce human fatalities.

But no system or thing is perfect. There are people who contest drones because of some issues. Here are some concerns or issues concerning drones:


  • Injuries: The average weight of a drone is about ten kilos. If there are any mechanical failures, it will crash and fall. It is good if there are no innocent bystanders but it can cause serious injuries when it crashes.
  • Privacy: There are people who are concern about their privacy. There is no denial that drones cannot be used to spy because of its smallness and accessibility.

If the drones are used efficiently, they will contribute big in the society. The handler or owner of drones should know their limits so they will not be questioned. Drones are also called unmanned aerial vehicle. But if you look closely, the benefits supersedes the issues.