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How Much Does it Cost to be Pregnant in Singapore?

Pregnancy is indeed a blessing especially for couples who tried so hard. While being pregnant brings a lot of joy to the soon-to-be mother, the cost is another thing. Once we have confirmed our pregnancy, it is crucial that we determine our course of action throughout our pregnancy.


The cost of pregnancy here in Singapore is not fixed since everything depends on our choices of specialists and hospitals. For example, at a public hospital the cost of antenatal consultations (which includes check-ups, screening and tests) cost at least $400. At a private hospital, the cost of antenatal consultations starts at $150 not to mention the separate fees for ultrasound that can cost at least $180.

Many Singaporeans think that private hospitals will give them better service and care. That is their prerogative. For those who have money setbacks, public hospitals will do. We have to try; we might have a positive experience.


The good news is that the government subsidizes some of our screenings and tests during pregnancy. In fact, the government can subsidize antenatal expenses up to $450. We only need to claim it from Medisave. Now that we know the cost of tests and check-ups alone, we should consider baby things like clothing, bottles, toys and other accessories. Baby clothes start from $5 for example.

When we are about to give birth, we have to decide the room. For example, a delivery room can cost from $2000 to $3000 – granting that we have a normal delivery. If there are complications, caesarean is a must and it costs from $3000 up.

The point here is to be prepared. Pregnancy is serious so we need a plan.


Why Bishan is Gathering Interest  


No one wants to live in what was once a burial ground, right? That is creepy enough but there is always a place that will surpass its gloomy history and become a thriving residential estate. This is what happened to Bishan.


Bishan is a small town here in Singapore (in fact, some Singaporeans haven’t heard about it). Today, Bishan is gathering interest and touted to be the ideal place to live here. Indeed it is shining brightly. Here are the reasons why Bishan gathered substantial supporters over the years:

  • It is not that far. Bishan is not at the centre but the location is not that far. Residents of Bishan can go to the centre via the Central Expressway (CTE). Bishan is also accessible through Thomson Road, Ang Mo Kio Avenue 1 and Braddell Road. Oh, we can also consider the Bishan MRT station.


  • The place is self-sufficient. Many people think that because of Bishan’s size, the town is incomplete. This is not true. Despite the size, Bishan boast of self-sufficiency. The town offers a stadium, library and reputable schools. There are also parks, residential estates and golf courses.
  • There’s continuous development. There are many HDB flats in Bishan but there are also upcoming developments. For example, CapitaLand is building condo projects (Sky Habitat and Sky Vue). For buyers who do not have any problems with prices, Sky Habitat presents a good investment.

Bishan is an emerging town. Despite the size, it gathers interest of many Singaporeans because of its rural charm. Bishan is so much more than our ordinary neighbourhood.


Clever Ways of Saving in Singapore

We all need to save money for a better future, but how can we do that? Saving money, as said, is really difficult, especially when you’re living with your family and you know the members of the family only have a small income.  But it is harder to save money if you only subsist on your own and wants something every time pay day’s coming.


Electric and water bills are the most important obligation that should not be neglected. On the other hand, there are also monthly bills that are not usually used in your house so better cut it. Turn off any connection that is not needed like telephone, cable and internet connection to avoid large charges. If possible cut all connections to have lesser monthly bills.


Get a Phone Plan: Cell phones, like cars, needs fuel and cell phones’ fuel is prepaid load. Nowadays, if you do not have load for a period of approximately 30 days, your card will be deactivated. Re-activation of the card is a very tiring yet expensive. So, to avoid this, make sure that you are subscribed in a monthly plan.

Buy affordable but tasty meals: What’s the point of buying expensive foods when in fact there are a bunch of restaurants and food shops that offers an appetizing meal? If you are a clever person, you will surely be eating in a nice, cozy and expensive food place, but when you are a pragmatic soul, you will go to a restaurant that has clean, cozy, delicious, cheap and the finest food in own. It’s really a big savings.


Get in Touch with Nature

Despite the tall buildings in the city, Singapore is also the home of many natural attractions and is one of the tourist spots in the country. Among them are known worldwide for its outstanding and magnificent characteristics.

Singapore Zoo 253

Singapore zoo, Jurong Bird Park, Singapore botanical garden – these are the three popular natural sites of the country that is famous in the world. But how they become well-known in other countries?

  1. Singapore Zoo: Almost all animals in the wild are found here and cheetah is the most famous. As usual, animals here are fed properly. And even though the animals are situated in a zoo, they are like living in the wild because the zoo is very wide.
  2. Jurong Bird Park: This is the place where thousand bird species are housed. I’m fact, it is has the largest collection of birds in the world. Also, insects like butterflies are found at the park.


  1. Singapore Botanical Garden: Different plants and trees are found here. Like the bird park, it also holds the award for the largest plant collection in the globe.

The country is truly abundant in terms of their natural resources. Apart from that, they have strict laws implemented to ensure that no one would dare or attempt to destroy the nature. Of course, you would not dare to do it because of the large fine that is attributed to the law and through that, Singapore nature was really protected and maintained properly.


Little-Known Facts About Singapore

If you think you already knew about Singapore, think again. Like treasures there are a lot of things that are hidden or are not known by tourists as well as few Singaporeans. Check this out.


1.       Singapore has the youngest iPhone developer in the world

His name is Lim Ding Wen. He was just a nine year old boy that made an app that is called the iPhone Doodle Kids. This app allows iPhone users to paint shapes like triangle, rectangle, square, circles and more and with different sizes and colors. It has been downloaded many times in the App World.

2.       Singlish: the language that only Singaporeans understands

While Americans are using fine English, Singaporeans uses English as their main language. However, the only thing that made Singapore English difficult to understand is because of the combined words they are using. At the end of every word, sentence of conversation, there is always this “ah” sound. For instance, “You have to go there to get the money-ah”. Try it. You’ll be laughing once you do it.


3.       Seriously, toilets are not taken for granted

Aside from the chewing gum law, there is a law that was implemented so that public toilets become clean. Back with the old times, public toilets are abused by many people. Since then, the most strict law has been implemented so that people who are abusing public toilets will be punished accordingly. Also, the Restroom Association of Singapore requires every public toilets to be clean.



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