Get in Touch with Nature

Despite the tall buildings in the city, Singapore is also the home of many natural attractions and is one of the tourist spots in the country. Among them are known worldwide for its outstanding and magnificent characteristics.

Singapore Zoo 253

Singapore zoo, Jurong Bird Park, Singapore botanical garden – these are the three popular natural sites of the country that is famous in the world. But how they become well-known in other countries?

  1. Singapore Zoo: Almost all animals in the wild are found here and cheetah is the most famous. As usual, animals here are fed properly. And even though the animals are situated in a zoo, they are like living in the wild because the zoo is very wide.
  2. Jurong Bird Park: This is the place where thousand bird species are housed. I’m fact, it is has the largest collection of birds in the world. Also, insects like butterflies are found at the park.


  1. Singapore Botanical Garden: Different plants and trees are found here. Like the bird park, it also holds the award for the largest plant collection in the globe.

The country is truly abundant in terms of their natural resources. Apart from that, they have strict laws implemented to ensure that no one would dare or attempt to destroy the nature. Of course, you would not dare to do it because of the large fine that is attributed to the law and through that, Singapore nature was really protected and maintained properly.