The Possibility of Real-time Language Translation


Language is a form of communication that seeks to connect people. However, not all people have the same language and sometimes language barriers can indicate difficulties. People who do not have common language can face hurdles in their attempt to communicate. This is the reason why there is a universal language and Singaporeans should learn it as well.


The universal language is English. English is not an easy language especially if you do not use it all the time. Regardless, you are still required to learn it because it can greatly help in the accomplishment of some tasks at work. You can even use English to make friends. You should not let barriers keep you from doing the things that you love.

For example, if you like to travel, it is imperative that you learn some basic words especially if the country is does not widely speak English. This is so you can express things that you like. Some people do not consider traveling because it can be very inconvenient. The good news is that in few years, you can go to places and just bring a handy box.

Have you heard about real-time language translation? If not, you should know that Indiegogo is already on its way to develop SIGMO. SIGMO is a small device that has been designed to link language gap for people who are travelling abroad. As of this time, it is still under development with funding foal of $15,000.


How does it work? You only need to establish the native language of the country you are going to visit. After setting the language of the country, you only need to hit one button then speak through the microphone on SIGMO. SIGMO then pay attention to the phrase and play the translation through its speaker. Another button is available which will enable SIGMO to listen to the response in the foreign language and then translate it so you can understand.

SIGMO developers said that it can support four English dialects, two French dialects, three Spanish dialects, two Portuguese dialects and two Arabic dialects. It does not end there because it can also translate two dialects of Ukrainian, Turkish, Thai, Swedish, Slovak, Russian, Polish, Norwegian, Mandarin, Malay, Korean, Japanese, Italian, Indonesian, Hungarian, Hindi, Hebrew, Greek, German, Finish, Dutch, Danish, Czech, Croatian, Chinese, Catalan, Cantonese and Bulgarian.

What is the catch? Well, you have to know that SIGMO is dependent on your data connection through tablet or smartphone. SIGMO is a mobile application that can connect your device through Bluetooth. The battery will have at least three hundred hours of standby time and at least eight hours of usage.