Taking a Selfie with Ghosts in Singapore


The first thing that you will do when you see a ghost is scream, right? It is only a normal reaction of a person to shout. Now, if it is your job to search for a ghost, you have to wait for them to come out. On the other hand, if you are just an individual who accidently saw a supernatural being, you may take some pictures of it. Just make sure that you are not afraid of them. Sometimes, when you talk about ghost, many believe will just ignore what you are telling because you have no proof that you to show that you are telling the truth. Usually, most people will believe what a person is telling when he saw an evidence that it happened. In other words, “To see is to believe.” Therefore, the best thing to do is to capture ghost when you saw them. Yes, these apparitions will frighten you but they can’t harm you. Don’t worry, ghosts in real life are not the same with movies.


Camera Flash: To Use or Not to Use

You don’t want ghost to see you, right? Thus, you should not use camera flash as the ghost can immediately see where you are located. Also, it may distract or may create trouble. They might think that it is a threat to them and will make a revenge on you in a way that nobody knows. You have to take photos with the ghost even if you haven’t brought with you your best camera but always be sure that you will shoot the ghost accurately.