Restaurant of the Future  

Innovations are everywhere. We will not be surprised if we hear TVs can be accessed through voice command or in this case – restaurants with flying drones to deliver orders. Here in Singapore, Timbre Group uses flying robot waiter which is another first in the world. Timbre Group has five outlets throughout Singapore.


The restaurant chain plans on optimizing the workplace with the help of drones. What’s in it for us? Well, there are various reactions from different groups. In the perspective of the chain, they are just enhancing the workplace environment especially with the government’s tightening of labour policies. It is not a secret that the Food and Beverage sector is suffering from shortage of workers.

The drones can hold up to 2 kilos. Drones will be dispatched so waiters can engage more with the customers and promote the restaurant’s menu. The drones will not deliver the food directly to the customers because the waiter can do it to maintain that “human touch” factor. Waiters will simply get the orders in the central waiting table. Infinium_-Robotics_Timbre_Group_Drone_Delivery

In the perspective of the customers, drones are not welcome – yet. There are people who criticize and are skeptical about drones. Customers think that drones can be a distraction when talking and eating. That is understandable since it is a new sight. Other customers also think that drones are simply a nuisance in restaurants.

In the perspective of industry watchers, drones will be a familiar sight in five to ten years from now. As for the Timbre Group, they are seeking grants from the government to support their technology and make it available soon.