Preparation for Exterior Home Painting Project

Over time, the exterior painting of your home chips off or fades out because of rain, heat, pollution, and frequent weather changes. Due to the heat, the paint loses its color and gloss, thus looks dull and old. And because of the rain, the paint slowly peels off and strips out from your home’s exterior walls. To avoid this and prolong the beauty of your home, the quality of paint to be used significantly matters. It is important to know when the right time is to repaint and choose the right products to use for the house painting project.


Why Home Painting Is Important?

Exterior house painting is important because it beautifies, protects, and adds character to your home. Because of these reasons, it’s very important to spare enough time for planning the right shades, colors, and styles to decorate your home’s exterior. When planning, always remember that the colors and styles applied will be seen by your neighbors and other people. Therefore, it makes sense to carefully plan your exterior painting so you won’t be ashamed of the appearance of your home after the project is done. In addition, the paints also serve as your home’s primary defense against pollution, weather changes, insects and other damage-causing factors. Consult your painting services contractor about the best type of paint to use.


When to Paint?

There’s no strict guideline that tells when you should repaint your home. It greatly varies on the appearance, climate, the quality of existing paint applied, and whether you hired a good painting services provider. A poorly done paint job can only last as little as three years before it requires to be redone, while the good one usually lasts for 20 years and more. According to painting services singapore experts, the home’s current coat is the most important determining factor when planning for a repainting job. Pay attention whether the exterior paints are already cracking, chipping, peeling, or flaking anywhere. Also, look for exposed areas of wood or signs of water damage. Finally, evaluate how your home looks. If any of those signs are already visible, contact a painting services provider and start planning for a home repainting job.

What Color To Apply?

Once you’ve confirmed that your house already needs a paint renovation, among the first decisions to make is to choose the colors to use. Again, there are no strict guidelines to follow for this step. The combinations to use for the doors, trims, walls, and roof are mostly your personal choice. One of the best ways to help you decide is to observe the houses in your neighborhood. Are most of the houses having the same color scheme? Do you want to make yours stand out or blend in? This will also give you an idea of what combinations you like and you don’t like. If you see a strange looking house, try to identify what makes it look odd; or if you like something, take inspiration to the color combinations and style of painting used.


Test the Colors

The last thing you have to do before proceeding to the application proper is to test the colors you wish to have. Before buying gallons of paints, purchase first a sample size and paint them on a non-descript area of your home just to see if it is the shade you expect it to be. This task is a bit daunting considering that there are so many shades available in a single color. For professional advices and to make things a lot easier, discuss this matter with your Singapore painting services contractor.