Fool-Proof Methods for Making Your Own Alkaline Water

Thinking of ways on how you could naturally boost your metabolism and decrease the acidity level in your bloodstream? If so, then think of incorporating alkaline water into your diet. But apart from investing on a rather pricy alkaline water ionizer, you can actually create this ionized drink right at the comforts of your home. Believe or not, you homemade remedy can be just as good – if not better – than some product brands in Singapore. So with that in mind, here are some of the common methods on how you could possibly alkalize your water at home.

Method 1: Determine the pH Level before Alkalizing the Water

• Check the pH Level of Your Water Beforehand

Be sure to check the pH level of your water before and after alkalizing it. This will tell you how much adjustment you need to make on your water. Tap water is typically has a pH level of 7, but the impurities found on the drink tend to tip the scale more into the acidic range. Alkaline water, on the other hand, has a pH level of eight or nine, making it an ideal drinking water for most of us.

• Purchase a pH Kit

You can find and purchase a pH kit at almost every health store in Singapore. Make sure that the kit you are buying comes with a pH colour chart and several pH strips for your water testing.

• Test Your Water Using a pH Strip

Allow your pH strip to sit for a moment, then compare its colour with the colours found on the chart. Take note of what your tap water’s pH level is and then alkalize it using the method of your choice. Once you are done alkalizing your water, its pH level should now be between eight and nine.

• Understand Your Water’s pH Level

Water that is above a seven on the pH scale is basic, while water below that is already considered acidic. You want your drinking water to be somewhere between seven and nine for it to be considered healthy and pure.

Method 2: Alkalize Your Water Using Certain Additives

• Add Baking Soda

Baking soda is known for having a high alkaline water content, making it a good additive to use when alkalizing your tap water. To use it, simply add 600 mg (1/8 tablespoon) of baking soda to an eight oz. glass of water. Be sure to vigorously stir or shake the mixture to ensure that it thoroughly mixes with the water. If you are on a low-sodium diet, however, health experts suggest that you use another method for alkalizing your water.

• Use Fresh Lemon Juice

Lemons are known to be anionic, which means your body will react with the anionic properties of the fruit, turning the tap water to alkaline water as your body digests it. All you’ve got to do is full one pitcher with clean water. Filtered water would be the best choice, but if you don’t have a water filter, tap water will do just fine. After that, slice the lemon into eights and add it to the water. Once you are done, let it sit overnight for eight to 12 hours at room temperature.

• Make Use of pH Drops

Just like pH kits, pH drops can also be purchased online or at some health food stores. These drops contain potent alkaline minerals, so make sure that you follow the directions indicated on the bottle about the number of drops you should put into your water. Just remember that the pH drops will only turn tap water into alkaline water, and not filter out chemicals like fluoride and chlorine.

Method 3: Use Filtration Systems

• Invest in a Water Ioniser

If you have the budget and don’t much time mixing solutions to create your own alkaline water, then investing on an alkaline water ioniser machine might be a good option for you. This filtration system works by electrically enhancing the water, and separating it into acidic and alkalized water. The latter makes up about 70 percent of the produced water and can be used for drinking; while the acidic water can be used for washing your body to kill any bacteria that is living on your skin.

• Buy an Ionizing Water Filter

Unlike an alkaline water ionizer, these filters are cheaper, easily transportable, and works similarly as a normal water filter. All you have to do is pour water into the filter and let it sit for a few minutes. The water is then sent through a series of filter, and after passes through these filters, it will sit in a pool of alkalizing minerals.

• Purchase a Reverse Osmosis Water Filter

Also known as a hyperfilter, a reverse osmosis water filter uses an especially fine membrane for its water filtration procedure. Its delicacy allows it to capture more elements than a regular water filter, which aids in completely alkalizing the water. These filters can be found and purchased at local hardware and home improvement stores in Singapore.

• Use pH Drops and Water Distillers

A water distiller works by boiling the water placed into them, destroying the bacteria and any other impurities found in tap water. It can slightly ionize your water, but to fully alkalize it, add in a few drops of your pH drops.

If you are already tired of filling your body with harmful toxins, then you should start alkalizing your beverages before consumption. Each of the aforementioned methods will help you enjoy the benefits of alkaline water, so be sure to choose one that best suits your budget and needs.

5 Benefits of Online Dating That’s Worth Considering

Despite holding a bad rep for quite some time, online dating has truly revolutionized the way single people meet – causing more people to turn to the internet in the hopes of meeting the person who they’d want to spend the rest of their lives with. For that reason, we listed down some of advantages of signing in to dating sites like Tinder to find the man or woman of your dreams.

1. It’s Accessible

With online dating, you no longer have to set an alarm to wake up early, get dressed and meet new people at your favourite restaurant or bar. All you’ve got to do is simply log in on your laptop or smartphone anywhere and anytime you want. You can look through some profiles and send a message or two to guys who you think are a good match for you – all of this while you’re sipping a cup of hot cocoa while still on your favourite pyjamas.

2. It Allows You to Meet Different People

In the traditional way of dating, you are often stuck with guys who are just within your neighbourhood. On the flip side, online dating allows you to meet people from various countries and from all walks of life. Just don’t get overwhelmed with the myriad of choices that you have though. Instead, take your time knowing various people then filter them based on your personal preferences.

3. It Requires Little to No Effort

There are dating sites that require you to pay a certain free before you’re able to register and meet new people; but there are also those that you can sign up with for no cost at all. Whichever you pick, the entire process won’t require that much effort from you. All you’ve got to do is provide a valid email address, some personal information and an updated photo. Once everything is set, you can already start diving into the dating pool.

4. It Allows You to Meet Like-Minded Individuals

In traditional dating scene, figuring out whether the person you like shares the same interests as yours often take several dates. It’s that time-consuming, but with online dating, you can already what a person’s interests are by simply viewing his or her dating profile. With this, you’ll avoid wasting your precious time getting to know someone who doesn’t have anything in common with you.

5. It Involves Less Pressure

Not everyone is good at meeting new people and starting small talks. So if you’re one of the shy types, then online dating can help you ace your dating game despite your inherent introversion. Since you get to know each other through an exchange of chats and you don’t immediately go out on a date, you’ll have enough time to fully prepare and be comfortable with your first meeting.

Online dating changed the way people meet and date, so make sure that you make great use of it. Just ensure that you avoid getting too carried away and that you take each and every step in dating online carefully.

10 Movies with Weird Themes You Need to Watch

A film doesn’t have to show a lot of blood to be considered weird. Even science fiction thrillers like Inception is already weird by mainstream standards. If you really want to go down the rabbit hole, here are ten of the weirdest movies ever made to get you started.

1. Eraserhead (1977)

Henry Spencer has to take care of his sick child which looks like a reptile. It was already a struggle, but then he also experiences dream-like visions involving the Lady in the Radiator and the Man in the Planet.

2. Rubber (2010)

Forget zombies. Imagine what it’s like being chased by a malevolent tire. Don’t laugh just yet. The tire, called Robert, learned it possessed psychic powers after rolling over a plastic bottle and a scorpion.

3. Inland Empire (2006)

Nikkie Grace wants to have her career back so she applied for a role in a film. Just before her audition, a strange old neighbor told her about two folktales of an evil boy and a girl who saw a palace.

4. Black Moon (1975)
Set in a conflict between men and women, young Lily tries to escape the chaos to an estate in the countryside only to find that unusual events are taking place. Lily was later caught up in the madness—or is it a dream—when she chases a unicorn.

5. Gummo (1997)

When the town in Xenia, Ohio was destroyed by a tornado, its poor residents passed the time by amusing themselves in various ways. There’s a mute boy who wears pink bunny ears and boys who hunt cats.

6. Videodrome (1983)

A television station is planning to change its programming when they stumbled upon a broadcast from Malaysia depicting scenes of violence and depravity. Initially they though it was the future of television until their hallucinations became more vivid.

7. Dogtooth (2009)

What happens when a couple decides to shield their children from the world? One boy and two girls have no idea what’s outside their compound. The only way for them to leave is to loose a dogtooth.

8. The Fly (1986)

There have been movies of fauna gone wild after a mad scientist unleashes them on the public. But what if the scientist himself is the victim? Seth Brundle’s experiments on teleportation went wrong after a careless act.

9. The City of Lost Children (1995)

Krank cannot have dreams. His solution? Kidnap children so he can steal theirs. When One’s brother went missing, he enlisted the help of the young thief Miette to look for his brother Denree.

10. Interstate 60: Episodes on the Road (2002)

Two college students wished there was a character like the genie in America who can grant one’s desires. They were approached by men who claimed that such a being exists and that he can be found at Interstate 60.

Available Treatments for Stroke Patients


Being a caregiver is not easy but you can ace it if you know what you are fighting against. Helping a patient to resume his/her life can be overwhelming that is why you have to be patient and work hard for it. If in this case you are looking after a patient that suffered stroke, you have to know the available treatments.

Stroke happen due to complications with the brain’s blood supply; the complications may be a blocked or ruptured blood vessel. Because of this, the brain will not get enough oxygen thereby the dying cells. Here in Singapore, stroke is listed to be one of the most common causes of death. This is serious that is why the government is doing its best to minimize its occurrence through information drive and incentives.

You have to know that there are three kinds of stroke – ischemic, haemorrhagic and transient ischemic attacks. The less severe is transient ischemic attack because it is temporary. When this stroke happens, it only briefly interrupts the flow of blood to your brain. The most common is the ischemic stroke. This stroke involves blockages or narrowing of arteries. As a result, there is a reduced flow of blood. The most severe one is haemorrhagic stroke were an artery is bursting or leaking blood.

You have to know the signs of stroke so you can pay attention next time. As for the treatment, it depends on the kind.

Ischemic stroke

It was mentioned that ischemic is caused by narrowing or blocking of arteries. The treatment focuses on how to restore adequate blood flow to the brain. It is usually done by drugs that tackles clots and prevent others from developing. Tissue Plasminogen Activator can also be considered which is effective in liquefying clots.

Haemorrhagic stroke

As for the haemorrhagic stroke, it is caused by a leak or rupture so the treatment concentrates on controlling the bleeding as well as reducing the pressure. Treatment can also include drugs. There is also surgery for repairing the problematic blood vessels.


Surviving stroke is a life-changer. As a caregiver, you have to understand this. With your help, their recovery will be successful. There are different rehabilitation techniques offered to the patients like speech therapy, physical therapy, support groups and occupational therapy. You do not expect a smooth journey through recovery because some patients are still depressed or in denial that is why you need everything you have to urge them to enjoy life. Support is needed and you should not ignore it.

Top Remedies for Sore Throat


Perhaps the most inconvenient pain is sore throat. It keeps you from enjoying good food because swallowing is very difficult and excruciating. It hurts but it is nobody’s business. The least that you can do is to look for remedies on your own. Sore throat happens when the cells found in your mucous membranes become inflamed or swollen.

Here in Singapore, you can consider homemade remedies or going to the doctor. Choice is yours. If in this case you want relief right away, remedies are available that can help you soothe the ache. Here are top remedies for sore throat:

Gargle with salt water

Gargling with warm salt water may come from your grandmother but it is sure effective if you give it a chance. Gargling warm salt water can effectively reduce the swelling. How to do it? Well that is easy. Heat 1 cup of water (just enough to make it warm) and then add ½ teaspoon of salt (table). You can gargle it now and just make sure you repeat it only thrice a day. More will mean drying out the soft tissue.

Drink an Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) with honey can be an effective relief against sore throat. ACV is effective because of its high acidity level that can kill bacteria. If you mix it with honey, you can drink it. You need 1 tablespoon of ACV, 1 tablespoon of honey and 1 cup of warm water. Mix it all and you have your mixture.

Suck garlic

Yes this sounds nauseating and you won’t probably go out after sucking on it but it is worth the shot. Garlic is actually a natural cure that can take away sore throat. Garlic has allicin that can kill bacteria. You need clove of garlics sliced in half. You do not bite it, just rub it against your teeth.

Steaming it out

The good news is that steam can give relief because it can make breathing easier – that is if you are congested. You don’t need to head to any sauna or steam room if you want to steam it out. You need one large bowl, hot water and towel. Boil water and pour it unto your bowl then lean over so you can inhale the steam.

Rest and fluids

Rest and drinking fluids are obvious if you do not feel well. Do not underestimate the power of rest and fluids. It would help if you combine it with natural remedies. The important thing here is to make sure that you give your body enough time to recover.

Post-Heart Attack Lifestyle Changes

Surviving a heart attack is often seen as a life-changing event. Apart from recovering from the procedures that were performed to treat the heart attack, health experts in Singapore suggest that patients also need to make some extensive changes in their lifestyle. These changes are designed to target the risk factors of heart disease and stop its progression. Although implementing the following lifestyle changes will never be easy, doing so after suffering from a heart attack is a crucial part in preventing its recurrence.

1. Quit Smoking

If you used to smoke, then the most important thing that you can do – not just for your heart but for your whole system – is to stop. Smoking increase the amount of fatty material stored in your arteries. In addition, the nicotine found in cigarettes makes the heart work faster. It constricts the blood vessels and increases your blood pressure and heart rate. Also, being exposed to second-hand smoke is detrimental to your health. So ensure that you avoid being exposed to cigarette smoke at any cost.

Quitting smoking is one of the most difficult changes that you will make, but your Singapore cardiologist will help you in the process. Ask him or her about a plan or some guidance as you give up smoking. Also, inquire whether he or she knows a support group that can help you in getting over this vice. Remember that because you failed to quit smoking before doesn’t mean that you can’t quit now for good.

2. Go on a Heart-Healthy Diet

Going on a heart-healthy diet is another important lifestyle change that you should make after experiencing a heart attack. A diet that’s low in cholesterol and is rich in fruits, vegetables and whole grains will help in lowering blood pressure, cholesterol levels and body weight. Health experts in Singapore also recommend incorporating fishes that are rich in omega-3 fatty acids in your diet twice a week, as well as consulting your specialist about taking some omega-3 supplements.

Succeeding in this lifestyle change will be easier if you work with a dietitian. Together with a great cardiologist in Singapore they will be able to help you in planning your daily menus and finding recipes that best suits your condition and heart health. Your dietitian will also be able to provide you with resources that will allow you to focus on eating healthy foods. If you’re having problems looking for a dietitian for your rehab program, ask your cardiologist in Singapore for a referral.

3. Exercise Regularly

One of the most important factors to achieve a good heart health is to be physically active. Some patients are afraid of exercising after a heart attack, but working out is what you really need to strengthen your heart and reduce your risk of experiencing future heart attacks and heart disease. So as much as possible, take part in a cardiac rehabilitation program to help you establish an effective life-long workout plan.

If you don’t feel like going for a rehab, make sure to ask your Singapore cardiologist about what level of exercise is best for you and how you could possibly incorporate more activities in your daily routine. Also, ask your doctor about what warning signs to watch out for as you exercise, as well as what you should do when they occur.

4. Manage Obesity and Diabetes

Obesity and diabetes are some of the major risk factors for heart attack and heart disease. If you’re diagnosed with diabetes, it’s important that you work with your healthcare provider to have a tight control over your blood sugar. This is achievable through eating healthy diet, exercising and taking certain medications. Make sure that you work with your practitioner to develop an effective management plan for your diabetes.

Being obese is a major factor for developing diabetes and heart disease. Your specialist can help you create a plan to control the number of calories you consume, while increasing your physical activity to burn the extra calories. Have your cardiologist refer you to a registered dietitian or fitness expert to help you lose weight.

5. Treat High Cholesterol and High Blood Pressure Levels

High cholesterol and high blood pressure damage your arteries. Over time, it increases your risk of experiencing heart attack and stroke. Going a healthy diet, exercising and doing the aforementioned lifestyle changes can help, but it might not be enough in the long run. That said, ask your doctor about certain medications that you can take to manage or treat high blood pressure and high cholesterol.

6. Take Medications as Recommended

If your specialist has prescribed some medications for your heart condition, take them exactly as advised and report any side effects to your doctor. Also, don’t skip or stop taking any of your medicines without consulting your physician first.

7. Monitor Yourself for Signs of Depression

Experiencing mood changes, such as depression, is common in the first few months following your heart attack. However, it might be a problem as it can undermine your recovery and put you at risk for cardiovascular complications or worse, death. Feelings of hopelessness, sadness and loss of interest in activities you used to like that stay with you for two weeks should already prompt a call to your cardiologist in Singapore. Ask him or her about the treatment options available like counselling or medications that you can do to battle depression.

Experiencing a heart attack isn’t a sign that you should back away from doing the things that you love to do. It’s a sign that you should now make your health your top priority, and you can start doing that by applying the aforementioned changes into your life now.

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