4 Secret Tips and Tricks for Troubleshooting Electrical Problems at Home

Even though Singapore is one of the best countries in the world, power outages can still happen, and these can happen because of many reasons.

If your home’s and your neighbor’s home appears to have lost power to theirs, you may need to call a licensed electrician to find out what the problem is.

However, if your home’s electrical works aren’t working even though your neighbor’s is, the problem may be somewhere in your home that you need to know first before calling an electrician to fix it.

Here are a few tips and tricks for troubleshooting your home:

1. Fixing a circuit breaker

A lot of homes and apartments have a certain limit in terms of power output, and to protect against a fire hazard, circuit breakers trip and shut off the flow of electricity. If they trip often, this might be a sign of current overflow.

If a breaker is in the middle position (indicates that the breaker has tripped), push it completely to the side that indicates “off” to reset it.

2. Your lights are too hot

If your lights are too hot, there’s a good chance that either the bulb’s wattage is too high or that the insulation is too low. In either case, this problem could pose a significant hazard if you’re not careful.

Be sure to check for excessive heat coming from your lights regularly. If there are, contact an electrical wiring expert as soon as possible.

3. Unusually dim/bright lights

There are two likely reasons why some lights may seem excessively bright or excessively dim compared to the other lights around the house: it may be that the bulbs have different wattage, or that the main connection is bad.

If the cause is the former, check and see that all bulbs have the same wattage. If it’s a bad main neutral connection, call an electrician services as soon as possible.

4. Electrical surges

A lot of things can cause electrical surges, whether they are lightning strikes, damage to power lines, or even bad electrical wiring in your home.

While actual electrical surges only lasts a microsecond, they can damage your home’s electrical wirings and decrease their shelf life. To avoid this, replace any circuit boards or electrical devices that are cheaply made.

Avoid doing electrical repairs unless you are a good electrician or are knowledgeable about how they work. If you have to, be sure to follow safety precautions, the first of which is to avoid work on live wiring and always make sure you are insulated before proceeding.

As much as possible, it’s best to call an electrician services in Singapore to work on your electrical problems at home.

A Glass of Milk a Day

Some of us think that milk is only for infants or for little kids but what we don’t realize is that milk is good for any given age. Besides, there are so many ways for us to enjoy milk. Remember when you were a kid and you couldn’t have your cereal without milk? Well, there was a good reason for that. That was also a very healthy habit of having milk for breakfast. Milk as we all know strengthens our bones and provides us with the necessary calcium to help build our bones as they slowly decay throughout the day.

Drinking milk on a regular basis has proven to increase not just the strength of your bones but also your strength in general. Although this is not an energy drink which supplies you with adrenaline that makes you feel like you have all the energy in the world, milk slowly makes you stronger.

People of all ages should drink milk. In fact, they should try as much as possible to make it a daily habit. After all, there are so many ways you can incorporate milk into your diet. For one, you can use it as a cooking ingredient. There are so many recipes aside from desserts (which we all know are fond of using milk) that are very heavy on using milk to cook the specific dish. Milk can even be used with tea. After all, milk tea does taste pretty good.

The benefits of milk are huge and it isn’t really that hard to drink at least a glass of milk a day. You can find milk anywhere. Unlike before when the people of older times would have to go all the way to their cattle to milk them, all we have to do is walk a couple of steps from our house or apartment towards the nearest 7/11 or whatever convenient store is out there. Getting milk nowadays is easy, take advantage of it.

When we say drink milk everyday, there are also specific types of milk you should drink and not drink everyday. Milk that has the most artificial content are usually not good for us and you best stay away from those kind of milk if you are planning to drink everyday. When it comes to milk, there is a huge selection to choose from. There’s cow milk, goat’s milk, and what about soya milk? Well, soya milk is pretty popular. That’s because it tastes amazing! Soya milk is one of the most sought after drink of vegetarians. Build a healthy habit, drink a glass of milk a day.

Memories to Bring into the New Year

Sometimes our memories play tricks on us as they slowly slip through our fingers the less we think of them. There have been a lot of memories collected all throughout the year and there are only a few of them which affect your growth in a positive way. Memories can either make or break you. Sometimes you have to let go of the bad memories to make way for the good ones. Sometimes it’s only fair that we smile a little more.

Thinking of the greatest memories you’ve experienced throughout the year 2017 helps motivate you for the start of 2018. Besides, not all memories are baggage, sometimes memories are what keep us going. Now, let’s start remembering the good times.

Here are a couple of guides for you to follow when remembering the good things that have happened throughout the year.

1. Funniest Joke of the Year
Starting off with the funniest joke or the moment which you can never forget because of how funny it was is a great way to start. Think of all the laughs you’ve had maybe even to the point of tears. Think of all the laughs you’ve heard around and how happy you were in that moment of laughter.

2. Best Friend of the Year
Now, think of the most important friend of the year. The one who has been there the most and has been the most genuine towards you. It may be the same person from the year before it may even be a totally new person. Either way, think of the best moments you’ve had with that specific friend.

3. Best Meal of the Year
Now this might be a hard one, but think of the best food you’ve ever tasted throughout the year, it may be something new or it may be your favorite, but remember the taste and how it made you feel consuming such a delicious and delightful dish. Think of how happy you were to have been able to eat something as tasty as that specific dish!

4. Best Scene of the Year
Remembering the best scenery is usually the hardest one. Sometimes the colors alter, the details fade, and the feeling changes. But try to go back to the basic feelings that started to wake inside of you as you have witnessed the beauty of a specific scene. Remember that scene and ponder on it’s beauty.

5. Best Experience of the Year
Now this is a hard one since there may have been a lot of them, but think of the one thing that happened throughout the year that you wouldn’t trade for anything at all.

Start the new year with the inspiration and motivation you’ve collected throughout the year 2017.

12 Movies for the Broken-Hearted

Whether you want to forget about the failed relationship or wallow in misery, these are the best post-breakup movies you should treat yourself to this weekend.

An Unmarried Woman (1978)
If the title isn’t interesting enough, then a wealthy woman who was left by her husband for a younger girl might catch your attention. Perhaps you can relate with her struggles in dealing with the anger and loneliness of betrayal.

Forgetting Sarah Marshall (2008)
Sarah Marshall ended her 5-year relationship with Peter Bretter, so he decided to take a trip to paradise. Unfortunately, the universe wanted to inflict more pain to the poor guy so Peter ended up meeting Sarah and her new love.

How Stella Got Her Groove Back (1998)
Stella Payne is swept off her feet by a young hunk, but she has to think about her career and her son first. At least her problems are less painful than yours, right?

High Fidelity (2000)
Rob Gordon can’t seem to find the perfect girl after several breakups. He calls for help from his friends because he wants to know if something is wrong with him. Sounds familiar?

Repulsion (1965)
If you’re going to watch a horror film, at least make it worthwhile by watching Carol Ledoux develop a fear of men after failing in her relationships.

Chasing Amy (1997)
What if you’re a straight male who has fallen in love with a lesbian? That’s what happened to Holden McNeil and it even annoyed his best friend who tried to look for dark secrets of the girl’s past.

Double Indemnity (1944)
The wife wished her husband dead so she makes up a plan to claim double indemnity from insurance policies to get more money. Seems like the perfect movie to watch with your friend who was seduced for their money.

Celeste and Jesse Forever (2012)
If you think the perfect formula for a happy-ever-after is having a high school best friend and sweetheart, this movie will prove you wrong. Knowing each other and getting married while you’re still young doesn’t always produce a happy ending.

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (2004)
If only there was a way to erase the painful memories of your ex, would you do it? And wouldn’t it be interesting if you both fall in love again after forgetting the past?

Swingers (1996)
Unemployed and single? This is the perfect movie for those who are still trying to mend their broken heart, but have persistent friends who want them to get back on the dating scene right away.

Annie Hall (1977)
After two unsuccessful relationships, Alvy Singer is beginning to question what is wrong with his life after a third more painful relationship has recently ended. After the breakup, Alvy has had health problems that made him incapable of forgetting Annie Hall.

Modern Romance (1981)
Robert Cole’s bittersweet romance with Mary Harvard is caused by his inability to decide if he wants to stay with her or not.

How Burns are Treated

Burns don’t just happen when your skin comes into contact with an open fire, it can also occur when your skin is exposed to heat from radiation, electricity, and corrosive chemicals. So, how are burns treated and complications prevented?

Classification of Burns
Before a treatment is recommended, the doctor will assess the severity of the damage to the tissues first. The burns are classified into four categories so that prevention of infection and complications are more effective.

1. First-Degree Burns
Only the skin’s outer layer or the epidermis is affected, causing slight pain, dryness and redness. The pain should last for a maximum of 72 hours and can be treated with cold compress, ointment or lotion, and ibuprofen or acetaminophen.

2. Second-Degree Burns
This kind of burn affects not just the epidermis but the second layer or dermis as well. There is pain, swelling, redness, dryness, thickening of the skin and blisters on the skin. In some cases, second-degree burns become third-degree burns in a few days. These burns must be cleaned and bandaged at the hospital to avoid infection and will usually take three weeks to heal. The person will also need acetaminophen or ibuprofen for the pain and apply antibiotic creams on the blisters. If the blisters don’t heal, skin grafting is sometimes recommended.

3. Third-Degree Burns
Third-degree burns generally affect the epidermis, dermis, and even the muscles, tendons and bones of the affected person. The nerve endings on the burnt areas are usually destroyed, so the person does not feel any pain. The burn will look leathery, dry, swollen, and appear white, brown, yellow or black in color. This severe burn should be cleaned and debrided in the hospital, applied with antibiotic creams or ointments, and then the patient is given IV fluids with electrolytes and antibiotics to prevent infection. The patient is also given pain medications, supplements, a tetanus shot, skin grafting or cosmetic reconstruction.

4. Fourth-Degree Burns
The most severe burns affect the epidermis, dermis, subcutaneous fat, muscles, and bones. Like third-degree burns, the nerve endings are also destroyed so there isn’t much pain. The burns have to be closed using grafting and reconstructive surgery. In some cases, amputation might be required. The healing and recovery will take longer and the person might suffer from permanent disability.

Signs of Infection
Burn victims will have to watch out for dehydration and infection. It is especially difficult to tell if the affected area is already infected because of its appearance, so you should look for the following symptoms during the healing process:

1. Fever
2. Pus or green-colored discharges
3. Discoloration and swelling
4. Changes in color of the surrounding skin or burnt area
5. Changes in the thickness of the burn

Some Interesting Facts about Milk Tea

While milk tea is considered a popular drink across some Asian countries, the knowledge of most people regarding the drink is still considered limited. Unlike tea or coffee, there is just limited information when it comes to the milk tea drink. Perhaps it’s because the drink has only experienced popularity just recently, or that it has a lesser consumer count when compared to the other staple drinks.

Regardless, here are some interesting milk tea facts you may not have heard before!

Tapioca pearls can define how good a milk tea shop is
For a lot of people, they consider the tapioca pearls as the marker of a good bubble tea place. Everyone has varied preference when it comes to these pearls; some like them chewy and soft, instantly melting in their mouths, while others like to enjoy taking their time in chewing. Good tapioca pearls are somewhere in between. They are chewy enough not to hurt your teeth, but they don’t also break down only after two bites. Quality tapioca pearls are ensured to be neither stale nor overcooked.

But, the toppings can be a choking hazard
There’s a reason why bubble tea isn’t advised for young children. The toppings in milk tea may become a choking hazard for a child (aged 4 years old and below), especially if he/she didn’t chew the pearls properly. Take note of the generous amount of pearl each drink has!

Children aren’t solely the likely victims of choking from milk tea, though. First timers may also suffer from choking, especially if they aren’t used to having their tea with bits of tapioca pearls in it.

There’s a hack in flawlessly putting your straw
Avid milk tea drinkers know that there are times the tea leaks out the top after merely banging the straw against the plastic covering. However, after a series of trial and error, there has been discovered a hack in flawlessly putting the straw in your drink. The thumb must be put atop the straw to create an airtight seal, before stabbing it straight down your drink. The tea is less likely to spill that way!

Most milk tea is made with powdered creamer
Surprise! If you thought your favorite milk tea is made with fresh milk, there is a likely chance you may be wrong. Milk tea is commonly made with powdered creamer, as is observed in some Asian countries like Taiwan (which is the bubble tea’s birthplace itself). However, in order to cater to the preference of the public, various milk tea shops have customized their menus to give their customers a chance to pick if they want milk tea or a fresh milk tea. Undoubtedly, fresh milk tea is said to taste a whole lot better!

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