Guide to the Different Kinds of Laundry Care Symbols

Curtain cleaning is be tedious and time-consuming, which is why most people in Singapore prefer to leave their curtains to various curtain cleaning services. However, just like all kinds of clothes, different curtains are made of different textiles and fabrics, both natural and synthetic that need different ways and methods of cleaning them.

Specific instructions on how to clean these fabrics are often included as symbols in the tags that are sewn into fabrics or included in the label. These labels have had different variations over the years but have developed into an international standard to make it easier for textile companies and households all over the world.

GINETEX is an international textile labeling association based in Europe that was formed to define one standard of labeling textiles to make cleaning them much easier, and curtain cleaning services in Singapore look at these tags to know how to take care of these fabrics.

However, these symbols are not just for curtain cleaning services to look at, but for everyone as well. Below is a complete list of the different symbols that you may find in the label to know what kind of curtain cleaning method works best for your curtains.


The symbol indicating that the fabric should be washed is a stylized washtub with water, with the number in the water indicating its maximum wash temperature in degrees Celsius.

Having one bar underneath the symbol indicates gentle washing with in Singapore in the washing machine, while a hand in the washtub indicates that the fabric should be hand washed. If the washtub symbol is crossed out, that means that the fabric could not be washed normally.

However, if there is a dot inside the washtub symbol, it means that your curtain is made of a permanent press fabric. Permanent press fabrics are fabrics that have been treated with special chemicals to make sure that they resist wrinkling and keep their original shape.

There are slight variations on the washtub symbol in different countries. For example, in the US, the maximum temperature is indicated by dots, with one dot meaning thirty degrees Celsius, two dots meaning forty, three fifty, and four dots indicating sixty degrees.


Almost all fabrics that need to be bleached are white, as bleach can strip the dye off of colored fabrics, and is indicated in the tag or label as a triangle. An empty one indicates that the fabric can be treated with chlorine or non-chlorine bleach.

(A variation meaning the same thing has the letters “CL”, for chlorine, inside the triangle, although this is now obsolete.)

If the triangle has two lines inside it, it means that the fabric should be treated with non-chlorine or color-safe bleach. A crossed-out triangle, on the other hand, means that bleach should not be used on the fabric as its dye is sensitive to the cleaning agent.


Clothes dryers are indicated as a circle inside a square. If there is a dot inside the circle, that indicates drying at a low temperature. Two dots would indicate tumble drying under a normal temperature, and the crossed-out clothes dryer symbol means that the fabric is not suited for machine drying.

However, it’s important to keep in mind that not all tags include this laundry care symbol. For fabrics imported from countries such as the US and Japan that need natural drying, the symbol for it is a square.

A curved line directly connected under the top side of the square indicates that the fabric should be dried on the clothesline. For dry flat, the symbol is a straight horizontal line in the middle of the square, while drip dry has two or three vertical lines parallel to each other in the middle of the square.


The iron symbol is straightforward. One dot inside the iron indicates that the fabric should be ironed at a low temperature. Two dots indicate medium heat and the third one high heat. A crossed-out iron symbol means that the fabric should not be ironed.

Professional Cleaning

For special curtains that need curtain dry cleaning, you should especially watch out for the circle on the label. The letters inside the circle indicate the kind of cleaning solvent that needs to be used – “P” for perchloroethylene, or PCE, and “F” for hydrocarbon solvent.

The “W” inside the circle indicates wet cleaning, a process similar to dry cleaning except that it avoids chemical solvents. Bars under the circle indicate gentle cleaning, and a crossed-out circle indicate that the fabric should not be dry or wet cleaned.

These labels on your curtains give you instructions and guidelines on how to keep them in good condition. Though there may be variations depending on where the curtain was made or bought, the symbols remain more or less the same to avoid confusion and make cleaning and maintaining easier.

If there are no symbols on the tags or label, or if they don’t come provided with your curtains, sort them by their fiber content before taking them to the curtain cleaning service. This is especially true for curtain dry cleaning.

If you happen to be sorting colored curtains, arrange them both by fiber content as well as color. Synthetic fiber curtains such as polyester, for example, should not go together with linen. The best way to know if you can’t figure it out yourself is to simply take your curtains to a professional cleaning service in Singapore.

How Do You Know You Need Counselling?

A lot of individuals seek counselling from a recommended psychologist recognize that they need help to face certain challenges in their lives. The same could also be said for married couples – every couple has their own rough times, after all, and sometimes the only way that certain problems can be resolved is by consulting a psychologist.

Communication is an important part of marriage. A visit to a psychologist is often what allows for the restoration of open communication when it has become compromised due to certain problems, such as the following:

Fighting as the only way towards emotional connection
Married couples who are afraid of showing each other their emotional vulnerability will often turn to frequent fighting. This fear of showing emotional vulnerability could stem from a lot of factors, all of which only end up in the relationship deteriorating and the marriage potentially ending in separation and/or divorce if not resolved through marriage counselling. This constant emotional turmoil affects their children, which may in turn require a child psychologist.

Anger is a purposeful behavior allowing a person to direct the energy needed for any motivation or change. It is neither good nor bad in and of itself. What makes it bad is when it creates problems for the married couple, and anger is often exhibited as a recourse to avoid showing vulnerability.

One way that anger can be linked to emotional vulnerability is when a person bottles up all of his/her emotions until a certain phenomenon angers them, releasing these hidden and/or repressed emotions. This could be exhibited during counselling at the in Singapore as a response to coercive behavior exhibited by the other partner, though there could be other reasons.

Another way that anger could be a problem is that if a partner constantly uses anger to achieve certain ends for the short-term. If the only time you’re able to connect with your spouse is in the middle of a heated argument, you need to seek relationship counselling services in Singapore.

Problems in prioritizing each other
You may have developed problems in prioritizing your partner if you let your job, children, or anything else take priority, and especially so if you do not prioritize your partner compulsively or because you happen to be upset with them in some way, whether you know it or not.

While married couples can’t be expected to focus on each other all the time, they do need to set aside quality time for each other. There are a lot of factors that could play into spending less quality time, but the lack of it can slowly erode relationships. It may be best to seek relationship counselling or go to a psychology center in order to properly assess the problem.

Falling out of love
Married couples will encounter feelings of regretting their decision to get married at least once, as the problems and experiences of married life can often bring them an unprecedented amount of stress that they would otherwise not experience when they were single or before marriage. Without marriage counselling, this can become a big problem that can potentially end the relationship.

These phases are usually transient, meaning they don’t last long and are simply fleeting thoughts and feelings resulting from stress. However, if these have persisted for a long time enough for you to seriously consider divorce, consider seeking therapy from a licensed psychologist in Singapore.

Getting relationship counselling from the best psychologist for you as a couple is a way to create a neutral platform in order to discuss the elements in your marriage that have disappeared with the stress of daily life, and even the rare opportunity to save the marriage.

Having nothing in common
“Having nothing in common” could either mean not sharing the same hobbies and interests or rarely engaging in meaningful conversation as often as you used to. There is no need to look out for it once you start to get comfortable with your partner after spending an extended period of time – this is a normal phenomenon that happens to most couples.

Though this could be easily solved by being open to new experiences and looking for new hobbies together, seeking help from a psychologist in Singapore or going to a psychology center won’t hurt and would only facilitate open and honest communication that could result in a stronger marital bond.

Lack of intimacy and/or sex
It has to be pointed out that in this scenario, sex is not the same is intimacy – intimacy is the romantic closeness between the couple that occurs both inside and outside the bedroom. Though this might be linked and lead to sex, the latter is not necessarily required to achieve intimacy.

For most couples, the issue around sex has more to do with arousal, desire, and the conditions for both partners that need to be met. If one or more of these factors isn’t being met, this could lead into problems that could be problematic for the relationship and need to be addressed.

There are a lot of issues that get in the way of sex, intimacy, and sexual intimacy, all ranging from body issues to stress to substance abuse to even power. Seeing a licensed psychologist in Singapore will help you find the root of these issues and how to deal with them.

Possible mental or physical disorder
Mental disorders may not always manifest immediately, and even when they do, these symptoms may not be very obvious. For instance, your partner could simply appear to be quirky or hard to deal with at first, and it is only when certain behavioral instances (e.g. mood swings) are serious enough to require medical attention that you understand that they need professional care or, at least, that you need to undergo marriage counselling. (The same is true with children: you may think that problematic behaviour are part of growing up, when in actuality they may already need to see a child psychologist.)

Serious physical ailments, such as terminal cancer, can also take a significant psychological toll on both partners. Seeing a psychologist is an important step to take in order to allow both parties to prepare themselves for, express their fears, and find solutions or ask for support regarding these problems.

Improving Customer Service with CRM

Customer service is the number one concern of companies in Singapore. While many large companies think that customers are dependent on them, it is actually the other way around. Customers have the power and the flexibility to switch providers and influence the reputation of a certain brand.

Doing business these days, when consumers are aggressively demanding and the competition is extremely stiff, it’s only reasonable for businesses to hone their customer relationship management. By taking your customers seriously, no matter how big or small your transactions are with them, you can develop strong relationship with both of your new and repeat clients.

The Importance of Great Customer Service

In any business, a large percentage of transactions depend on customer experience. Great customer service opens the door for better sales opportunities and wider network. How can you not take the matter seriously?

For business-to-business transactions, better relationship you have with your clients means better chances for you to become their business partner. This partnership may run for years, ensuring long-term sales with them.

For individual consumers, the nature of your customer service varies widely. Ensuring a pleasant and speedy service and an honest and straight-to-the-point response to a complaint can be the difference between getting recommendations and bad-mouthing your company.

If you do not have customer service team in your company, which many SMEs in Singapore don’t, consider getting one even if you are not at the point of needing it yet.

Technology and Customer Service

An excellent customer service made easy with crystal dash in singapore takes a well-trained staff and right business culture. However, if you add the right technology, you will surely exceed customer expectations.

Let’s first take a look at the business culture: a company manager or owner that treats his staff poorly will also likely to find the same staff treating its clients the same way. Remember that the best customer service comes from happy and motivated staff who are eager to find solutions to customer issues, even if it means extending a call or doing additional research themselves.

Secondly, you need to train your people to have the right skills for good customer service. This is not just a matter of teaching them troubleshooting skills. Rather it’s imparting the right set of skills for them to be able to provide great customer service.

Technology works by complementing these positive foundations for a better customer relationship management. The right CRM system will greatly help in managing customer relationship and the efficiency of your customer support team. Here are a few ways a CRM software can improve the experience you provide to your consumers.

  1. Establishing Personal Relationships

With the help of your CRM system, you can personalize your communication with your customers. Your cloud CRM stores not only the names and contact numbers of your clients, but also phone calls and emails you have exchanged with them.

Use the information to your advantage by addressing a customer by their first name and incorporating data that you know about them onto your email. Personalize every communication, and you will see how your client’s appreciate your company and take the time to know your products and services even more.

  1. Keeping in Touch

Communication is the key to a successful relationship—romantically or business-mindedly speaking. Every discussion you have with a client influences their decision whether or not to come back for your services. You always have to put your best foot forward every single time, or you will lose them.

Fortunately, you have CRM software to help you with it. With its advanced customer relationship management tools, you can easily keep in touch with your customers. Since CRM provides a vast client database, all you need to do is just give them a follow-up call. The system will take care of providing your clients with updates, offers, sales campaigns, promotional news and other initiatives. Your CRM system also has the capability to segment your customers and address the right consumers with the right message, rather than emailing all of them the same information.

  1. Surveying for Your Customer’s Needs

Today, customers are very vocal with their needs and opinions through various channels, like the social media. So, if you want to be updated of what’s hot and not, you better start getting the opinions of your target market.

One of the effective ways to do this is to send your customers a survey through your CRM’s email marketing feature. Ask about what your consumers think about your offered services or products and what you can do to improve them. This way, you will show your patrons that you care about bettering their experiences with your company.

  1. Keeping Up With Consumers

Consumers do not only want to be listened to; they also want to be quickly responded in the condition they want. Meaning, your consumers want you to respond at the time, manner and place they want.

Since most customers have online access to offers and sales management teams of your competitors, you would also want to keep up with the pace when presenting your offers. In simpler terms, you and your team must be mobile.

When a huge deal is at stake and it only is a matter of minutes before a prospect client decides, it is crucial to be able to access your database and offer a potential customer a more suitable product. A Cloud CRM will give you just that. The cloud-based storage allows your sales management team to provide better customer experience and access sales reports anytime, anywhere to help them follow up on leads.

With all these functions, there’s no doubt that CRM can help improve your company’s quality of customer service. With its features such as client information database, sales reports and marketing analysis, you can serve your patrons in a faster and more convenient manner.

Things to Consider About Outdoor Safety Lighting

Outdoor lighting in Singapore properties is not only for home aesthetic purposes, although it certainly provides artistic benefits to your home’s exterior at night. The major benefit of outdoor lighting is that it helps protect your property against threat of home break-ins: without sufficient lighting, your home may become a prime spot for burglars come nightfall. You cannot risk this potential disaster, so make sure to call a licensed electrician to get this home electrical works taken care of.

Types of Outdoor Safety Lighting

While there are plenty of options available in Singapore market, we recommend these five for you to consider.

1. Driveway Lighting

Driveway and pathway lighting does not only enhance the facade of your home; it also allows safe entry and exit for homeowners. This is especially helpful during emergencies that require you to evacuate your premises quickly, such us during a fire. And although it seem more difficult to enter through the front door, burglars will try it anyway, so you need sufficient lighting to warn malicious people that someone is home, which will likely fend them off.

2. Motion Sensors

Perhaps, this is the most effective form of safety lighting that can be installed by Powermax licensed electricians in Singapore for both residential and commercial properties, as they turn on at the slightest sign of motion. This lighting flashes so quickly that it can scare away intruders. When installing, make sure that the lighting fixture is mounted closer to the property, since you would not want the light to flash for any passersby and passing cars. The close proximity will ensure that the intruder will have to get really close to your home, leaving them in difficult situation once the sensors detected them.

3. Post Torches

While post torches are primarily for decorative purposes, they also provide big help for preventing burglars from entering through the backyard. Thieves often try to enter properties through the backdoor, thinking that this area is often less protected. With the installation of these lighting fixtures, however, they will likely think twice about entering your property and will be easily detected once they make an attempt.

4. Hanging Lights

When looking for a way to illuminate the doorway and front porch, hanging lights are an option you should consider. Since they light up your doorway, burglars will be less inclined to break in. Moreover, it provides safe lighting when leaving and entering your home. In terms of aesthetic, this lighting illuminates the architectural beauty of your property, shedding light on parts of your home that often go unnoticed.

5. Flood Lighting

This type of outdoor safety light is incredibly effective in providing a wash of light for the entire outdoor area. It is ideal for both home safety and aesthetic, especially when it gives you control for up and down lighting. These lights illuminate so brightly that it can shed light on property features like shrubbery and trees, therefore leaving very little space for intruders to hide if they attempt to break into your property.

Things to Consider Before Light Installation

While outdoor lighting should be installed as soon as possible, make sure to discuss the following with your electrician before making any purchase.

• Use Outdoor-Designed Fixtures

Although a good electrician already knows what kind of fixtures to use, it never hurts to remind them to only use outdoor-designed bulbs and cords. If buying the lights your own, always read the fine prints to see if the lights and extension wires are ready for outdoor weather. Failure to do so may lead to costly repairs and replacements much sooner than you expected.

• Keep Everything in a Safe Distance

Remove clutter from the surrounding area, and make sure flammable objects are kept in a safe distance. If not, just a single small spark from your lighting fixture may cause a fire in your property.

• Install GFCI

A Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI) can save your property—and your life—by automatically shutting off power when there is any irregular flow of current happening in the circuit. It is particularly important to install a GFCI in areas where electricity and water are likely to come in contact. Make sure to discuss this with your electrician for your and your property’s safety.

• Purchase Weather-Resistant Receptacles

Like extension wires and bulbs, you also need to use weather-resistant receptacles that are ready to endure dampness or heating without a problem. It is much better to use them instead of running wires through a window or door.

How Outdoor Safety Lighting Can Help You

If you want to guarantee safety for your family and your hard-earned investment, talk to your electrician services company about installation of home security lighting. While you not have experience home break-in ever since, it is nonetheless vital to have adequate lighting at all times. Let an electrical professional check your home and determine the right places for your outdoor security lights. Lighting your outdoor space properly helps avoid accidents by illuminating otherwise dark areas, such as walkways, patios and paths, and keep burglars from trying to break into your home.

Having your outdoors well lit will guarantee optimum security, as well as provide peace of mind, especially in times when you are far away from home. A reputable electrician services company should be able to provide with the right outdoor lighting solution to keep the threat of burglary break-in at bay and boost property value to something you would probably want to sell your property for.

Essential Steps to Take When Starting Over Your Career

When it comes to your career, you should always be ready for a change. Perhaps you felt the need to try something new, or you realized that your current work isn’t really for you. Whatever your circumstances are, the point stays the same: you’re planning to make a major pivot in your professional life. The thought of starting over can be a bit overwhelming and scary, but putting the following tips to work will certainly help in making the transition a bit easier and less stressful.

1. Face the Reality
Making a career switch is always possible, but it’ll also involves a lot of hard work and compromise. You may need to endure a pay cut so you could gain entry into the new field, or start out with an internship just to gain some experience. Yes, these are some disheartening sacrifices that you might need to make, but always keep in mind that starting over requires a certain amount of hard work. You’ll eventually get to where to you want to, but it’ll require a strong commitment from you.

2. Educate Yourself
Gathering information about the new path you’re going to take is crucial. While you may already have a rough idea of what the position will require from you, informing yourself about it should still be one of your goals. Listen to podcasts, read articles or books related with your desired position or industry. Befriend professionals who also work in the same position, and learn how they got there. After all, you certainly wouldn’t want to base you next move purely on assumptions.

3. Create a Plan
After doing some research and confirming that doing a career change is the right move for you, it’s now time to use this information to determine what your next moves would be. Do you need to take certain classes to refine your skills? Should you get certified? The entire process of switching to a new job can feel overwhelming, but you’ll be able to help yourself by breaking it down to smaller and manageable action steps. You could create a roadmap of the things you still need to do so you could develop a detailed plan beforehand.

4. Put Yourself Out There
Establishing a solid network of connections is one of the best things that you can do if you’re planning to make a major switch in your career. Follow associations and industry groups on social media, and sign up to receive their newsletters so you’ll be informed of any events where you get to meet new people. Start putting yourself out there and making new connections in your new industry.

Starting over in your career can be both exciting and terrifying. Fortunately, making such a huge change is completely possible these days. Simply follow the aforementioned steps, and you’ll be able to make a career change with less stress and anxiety.

Best Ways to Exfoliate Your Sensitive Skin

Even the most delicate skin type requires some exfoliation. In fact, allowing your skin to renew and regenerate itself could help in making it stronger later on. What’s more amazing is you won’t be using harsh chemicals and scrubs just to do it. Here, we listed down five alternative products that help you exfoliate your sensitive skin sans irritating it.

1. Peeling Gels
The word “peeling” might alarm you at first, but believe us when we say that these cleansers are really gentle. All you’ve got to do is massage the gel on your skin for a few seconds, or until the dead skin cells form small clumps that you can easily wash off.

2. Muslin Cloths
Using harsh scrubs won’t be necessary if you just exfoliate your skin on a regular basis. If you’re thinking of going the gentle exfoliation route, then use a warm muslin cloth to wipe any excess product after cleansing your face. It is old school, but it’s definitely effective.

3. Konjac Sponges
Sponges aren’t only fit to use for applying makeup and washing the dishes, and that’s what konjac sponges will prove to you. Use it to lightly scrub your skin before rinsing the foam like you usually do.

4. Pore Brushes
Pore brushes are a neater alternative to your good old facial sponges and cloths. Hailing from the Korean beauty department, pore brushes are renowned for their soft bristles that softly removes the dead skin cells. They also help your facial wash in performing a deeper cleanse by allowing it reach the inner nooks and crannies of your face.

5. Chemical Exfoliant
Unlike the previous exfoliation options, a chemical exfoliant uses exfoliating acids to get rid of dead skin. For instance, glycolic acid exfoliate the topmost layer of the skin to unclog your pores and refine your skin texture. It does all that without rubbing or tugging your skin. Even if this option is perfect for sensitive skin, however, dermatologists suggest to avoid using them on a daily basis. Your skin needs to build a tolerance for the acid to work.

Exfoliating sensitive skin isn’t as difficult as you think. In fact, simply using the aforementioned beauty tools will already help in getting rid of dirt and pollutants on your face without irritating your skin. So ditch your good old scrubs now and opt for these exfoliation tools and products instead.

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