Little India’s Temporary Bill

The riot that happened on December 8, 2013 surprised the people. Little India riot damaged twenty five emergency cars and it sent thirty nine Home Team officers to the hospital. The government assured the public that measures are undertaken to prevent this from happening again. The public should now be appeased.


On January 20, 2014, the Parliament introduced the Public Order Bill. The bill will only last for one year and it will only cover Little India. One year will be enough for the Ministry to endorse long-term legislation. The legislation after one year will be based on the recommendations and findings made by COI (Committee of Inquiry) and public consultations.

The Public Order Bill will give enforcement officers power. Here are some powers of enforcement officers:


  • Search and interview individuals: Enforcement officers have the power to search and interview people entering Little India. The search and the interview will only limit to prohibited items and alcohol. Other people will surely feel safe knowing this measure.
  • Ban individuals: Enforcement officers have the power to ban an individual around the area. The banning will only cover a specific time. This is to reduce the threats of destroying public order. For banned individuals, they can still go to Little India but they should heed the officer’s restriction of time.
  • Cancel or suspend licenses: Enforcement officers have the power to quickly cancel or suspend the licenses of business around the area. If the officers think that your business have ignored or evaded the law, they will cancel or suspend your license without thinking twice. Licensees should be serious about this or they might end up losing their license.Singapore-Riot-AP