How to Prevent Window Falls

Home safety should be practiced and observed by the household especially if there are children around. Children are prone to accidents and injuries. Unless you child-proof your house, your children should never be left unattended. If in this case you have many windows, you need to make sure that it will not facilitate accidents. As a parent, you should always think about preventing window falls.    15188109_0

Windows are essential in home safety because you can use it in the event of fire but the risk of falling is present. With this, you need to consider safety measures and make sure to follow it for the sake of your children. Here is a window safety checklist that you should keep in mind:

1.       Keep it close when children are around

When your children are around the house, you should keep the windows close. If you are concerned about the ventilation, open the window that your children cannot reach. If you have a screen, do not put your faith to that because it is designed to keep the insects out. It is not designed to support your child when he/she falls out the window.

2.       Keep furniture away from the windows

If you have furniture near the windows, consider a re-decoration. Furniture near the windows can entice the children to climb. Furniture can facilitate climbing. You should put your furniture at the center of the house or near the wall. If you really want to be sure, you can install window bars or grilles.

3.       Cushioning the fall

When the child will fall, the degree of his/her injury will depend on the surface of the fall. If it is a concrete pathway, more likely the injuries will be fatal or serious. If there are shrubs around, the impact will be lesser. It pays if you plant shrubs outside your window.

4.       Do not block the window

Bars and grilles are not recommended because they can block the windows. As mentioned earlier, windows can be used as an escape route when there is a fire. If the door is unavailable, the window is your only chance. It should not be blocked or obstructed.

If you are thinking about eliminating all widows, you should think a thousand times. Windows are used for ventilation. You do not want your family to suffocate, right? Accidents happen but you can minimize it by following the checklist above. If you want to be sure, do not take your eyes off your child and everything will be fine.