Good Carbohydrate Sources


Don’t be fooled by some fitness junkies who say that carbs are bad for your diet. Carbs are actually essential to anyone looking to become fit and healthy, as they are the fuel that our brains and bodies need to function well. However, like fats and cholesterol, there are also good and bad carbs.

Foods like donuts, cakes, and white break are carb sources that turn into sugar faster than other carbs. Good carbs, on the other hand, are those that break down slower. This means that your body uses them as fuel for the entire day without the need for you to fuel up on more carbs. So here are some foods that contain good carbs.


Brown Rice


Brown rice has less sugar than its white counterpart. As we know, rice is a staple in any Asian country. Moreover, it contains a lot of fiber that helps improve the body’s metabolism. Although it’s a little more expensive than white rice, fitness junkies have made the switch from white rice to brown rice.




Berries have the most nutritious carbs among fruits. The best berry is considered to be the blueberry. Blueberries, aside from being a good source of carbs, also contain tons of extra vitamins and antioxidants not found in other fruits. That’s why blueberries are a staple for most healthy people.


Sweet Potato


Probably the best source of carbs, sweet potatoes have tons of vitamins and nutrients along with complex carbohydrates. Most of the fiber and beta-carotene is found in the skin. So you’d always have to cook and eat it with its skin on. Fiber, aside from helping metabolism, curbs our appetite. Simple starches are also found in sweet potatoes. They help repair bodies that have been pushed through workout or exercise.




When it comes to carb sources with fiber, nothing comes close to oats. Oats have tons of fiber in them to help curb a person’s appetite. That’s why most people eat oats for breakfast to help them stay full for a long time. Moreover, oats help in fighting bad cholesterol.




The king of post workout fruits, bananas have fast acting carbs to help repair muscles that have been broken down during a rigorous workout. Aside from the carbs, the rich potassium that a banana has will help in preventing muscles from further breaking down.


Wheat Bread


It has far less sugar and fat content than its white counterpart, which often has cream in it. Instead of using white bread for your sandwich, make the switch to wheat. You’ll hardly feel the difference in taste.