Ghosts – Face your Fears

Most old people share stories about their encounter with a ghost. Some a naturally spoken while some are magically talked over. In their experiences, they never forget to share that they ran very fast that they have left the cars that are running. Today, since you have heard what you grandparents tell you, you might have collected some ideas on how you are going to face ghosts.


Call your Friends

If you are walking alone at night, there are possibilities that you will be followed not just by bad people but also lost spirit. They may protect you or put harm on you. If you see them do not shout right away. Think of some good things to do like calling for help or keeping calm.  In this way, you can easily get rid of the ghost. Try calling your friends through your mobile phone but make sure that will always keep calm no matter what happens. Ghosts are like dogs; once the y sense that you are afraid they will scare you more. The best way to do here is to be cool so that ghost will be annoyed whenever they saw human beings.


Wait for it To Come

Apparitions are just scaring people. In reality, they are not all scary; they have some similarities in humans but they are very extraordinary. Ghosts come out whenever they want to. But they will always learn to comeback. When you see a ghost, you have to show courage. You need a braveness that you will have to bring in order to see them clearly.