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Epi-LASIK: What It is and How You Can Benefit from It

Epi-LASIK is a new procedure of eye surgery formally called Epithelial Laser In-Situ Keratomileusis. Though this procedure has the same goal of correcting common visual disturbances, such as astigmatism, farsightedness, and nearsightedness, compared to other eye surgery surgeries, Epi-LASIK is known to be easier to the eyes.

This new eye correcting procedure combines the technology used in other forms of conventional LASIK as well as non-conventional methods, like PRK and LASEK. With different types of LASIK surgery available, many consumers in Singapore find it hard to point their differences and know which one is appropriate for them. Let’s see how the new method differs from the traditional one.


Why Epi-LASIK?

The new procedure closely resembles LASEK than LASIK procedures. Singapore eye surgeons who adopted the new method do not apply any alcohol solution to the epithelium surface, which is the same with LASEK surgery.
Moreover, the new eye surgery procedure from Clear lasik singapore doctor is ideal for eye patients with thin corneas and those who are not qualified to undergo the traditional surgery. Like other eye procedures, this method creates a thin flap on the surface of eye with the use of microkeratome.

With the conventional method, Singapore surgeons apply an alcohol solution to loosen the epithelial flap. When the surgeon has successfully created the flap on the epithelial layer of the eye, an excimer laser is used to sculpt the cornea. After which, the corneal flap is replaced to promote faster healing of the eye.


What are Its Advantages?

The latest procedure has many advantages compared to the traditional one. The most evident of these is the lower risk of epithelial complications associated with the healing of the flap. Many Singapore physicians and researchers said that Epi-LASIK shows lesser post-operative complications, with patients showing great healing within 3-4 days compared with 7 days and more estimated healing time for PRK, LASIK and other traditional methods.

Many patients in Singapore have also reported less irritation and discomfort with the new eye surgery technique, which is a top concern for most surgeons. Nobody wants to go under a blade or knife while they’re awake, and knowing that someone is fiddling with their eye. It also helps that the patient feels relaxed so that they heal faster.


For patients with thin corneas and other risk factors that hamper them from undergoing traditional LASIK procedure, Epi-LASIK presents a welcome alternative. Most surgeons in Singapore recommend this procedure in order for individuals with risk factors to experience better eyesight.

How To Know If You’re Qualified?

If you’re not sure whether you are qualified to undergo Epi-LASIK surgery, go to your healthcare provider and submit yourself for a checkup to determine whether this new technology or the conventional LASIK method will be able to provide you with the best results. Your goal is to improve your eyesight with the least amount of discomfort and the lowest risk of complications. However, everyone should still expect slight discomfort, but not to the point that one should fear the surgeon.

Don’t casually walk into a surgeon’s office and assume you already know the type of surgery for you. Keep in mind that good surgeons will first examine your medical status and recommend a method based on your health factors, current vision, amount of correction required, thickness of your cornea, and shape of eye. The good thing is that, almost all people with visual problems may benefit from Epi-LASIK and experience discomfort-free surgery.

Where to Go For Live Music in SG

If you want to chill, relax and experience Singapore’s night life, you should visit live music bars. There is nothing wrong if you give time for your social life. If you want to go to live music bars, you should start with this list:

Crazy Elephant Bar


Crazy Elephant Bar is located in Clark Quay. The bar is quite popular for Rock n’ Roll fans. The ambiance is cosy and good. If you are hungry, there is a dining area. You will surely enjoy live performances every night. You will spend from S$12 to S$100 depending on what you ordered. The bar is open during Sunday-Thursday (5pm to 2am) and Friday, Saturday & Public Holidays (5pm to 3am).

The Boiler Room


The Boiler Room is located in St. James Power Station. Live performances are every night with local artists playing pop, rock and R&B. Happy hour is from 6pm-9pm. Happy hour entitles you 50% off on all buckets and glasses. They are open from Monday to Thursday (6pm to 3am) and Friday to Saturday (6pm to 4am).



Timbre is located in Old Parliament Lane. The bar offers live acoustic performances and a riverside view. Happy hour is from 6pm to 9pm every day. Prices vary depending on the food and drinks but you can expect S$30 to S$40. They are open from Monday-Thursday (6pm-1am) and Friday-Saturday (6pm-2pm).

Wala Wala


Wala Wala is located in Lorong Mambong. The place offers live music, cool drinks and delicious food. Aside from that, you can also witness live comedy acts almost every night. Prices for foods and beer range from S$9 to S$100. They are open from Monday-Thursday (4pm-1am), Friday & Holidays (4pm-2am), Saturday (3pm-2am) and Sunday (3pm-1am).

Take a Bite: the World’s Famous Food Chains

We are living in a fast paced world. We don’t want to wait for a long time or even endure a little especially if we are hungry. Some people are so busy that they cannot cook their food or when they have time, they are too tired to do the preparations. People eventually opted for fast food restaurants. This is the reason why fast food restaurants are increasingly successful and popular.

Here is a list of famous restaurants that are present in many countries around the world:


The company began as a barbeque restaurant but eventually they restructured and started making hamburgers instead. They are now considered as the world’s largest hamburger chain. Aside from hamburgers, they also offer chicken, fries, milkshakes, breakfast meals and other deserts.

You can choose to order in the counter or you can just drive through.

Pizza Hut

Pizza hut, like others started small but the increasing success can be attributed to the menu they are offering. They mainly offer pizzas with different types, salads, garlic bread, pastas and buffalo wings.

The store was conceptualized in the United States but today, it is present in more than 90 countries around the world.

Burger King

Burger King or commonly known as BK added to their menu whopper, sandwiches, french toast, muffins, chicken tenders and many others. They expanded their menu from their original offers of burgers, fries and milkshakes.


KFC is famous because of its fried chicken. They offer chicken sandwiches, wraps, salads, hamburgers, fries and soft drinks. The seasoning is also phenomenal because of its original recipe of 11 herbs and spices.


Wendy’s offers hamburgers, fries, chicken sandwiches and frosty. They also have their signature item which is called square burger patties.

Doing Comparison for Lifestyle Shopping

These days, internet provides people in Singapore the chance to shop for everything they need even without leaving the comfort of their homes. Actually, people of today are somewhat tired of going out of the house and physically visit malls just to purchase what they need. Well, this is all due to online shopping. If you are thinking about lifestyle shopping, you don’t have to worry about as online shopping will surely make it happen.
Online lifestyle shopping has mainly shown a big potential to be successful in the internet, driving business owners to put up their own website and start selling lifestyle products. In fact, most of the people these days consider online shopping as their mode of buying. Apart from those, doing some sort of comparisons from website to website has also come out.

Shopping comparisons doesn’t really need more of explanation, as it is always a clear thing, particularly in Singapore. Right on its introduction in the online world, websites for shopping comparisons have raised up to higher popularity. The most basic principle of putting up with this concept mainly lies to the fact that it really needs making online lifestyle shopping a very comfortable one. Apart from those, it assists shoppers to find out the products being offered at lower price possible.

Transcending the Norm and Improving Oneself

Late night movies and parties mean one cannot get up early in the morning to do some exercises and just has time for his morning coffee quick breakfast as he is getting late for office. Days and weeks keep on passing like this with no regular lunches and dinners. This kind of a lifestyle is not only and for one’s health but also plays on his mind.

There is no food for thought and there is nothing that is being done to move forward in the direction of self-actualization and self-enrichment. The lesson a person trying to enrich himself has to understand is that one has to learn before taking action. Before making a plan for self-enrichment, it is worthwhile to note if you have ever felt disenchanted with both what is beautiful or ugly in Singapore and in the whole world, and whether you ever believed you can make a difference?

No matter what you may have been told by others including parents, teachers and peers, you as an individual have the power and ability to initiate a positive change. Any difference in the outlook of the people takes place when you take the first step.

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