A Guide to Coping with Depression

Depression is not an exclusive thing because all people at some point in time will feel it. We feel it when we lose someone or something we love and care about. There are many people that effectively deal with depression but there are others that find it hard to cope. If we know how to deal with depression, it is better but what if we are stuck? Depression is a state of mind but it can affect our body in the long run. Let us pause for a while and consider this guide:


Get support from family and friends

If we feel unpleasant thoughts (such as persistent sadness, fatigue, lack of self esteem, feeling of worthlessness, exhaustion, suicidal thoughts etc.), we are treading on difficult grounds. If we notice unpleasant thoughts, we should talk about it. Talking about our feelings will not make us look weak and vulnerable. Talking about our feelings and innermost thoughts is an act of bravery.

Let us not forget that we have a family and set of friends that we can turn to.

Think of happy thoughts instead of negative things

When we are depressed, thinking of negative things seem easy. If we let negative thoughts dominate our mind, we will never feel better. Let us do our best to transform sad and negative things into happy and positive things. It is hard but it is worth the try. Let’s begin by surrounding ourselves with positive and happy people. It can help in the process.

More importantly, we should do the things we enjoy to do or used to do. We can restore our old self if we are willing to change.

Follow a healthy lifestyle

Sleep, exercise and diet can make a difference. We should never let depression take over our body.