5 Usual Types of Students in a Classroom


Classroom is one kind of community that every one of us has gone through. It is where we learned and become developed in terms of our academic journey and a house of nourishing our talent. It is also not just a place where we learn and study but as well as the place where we meet different kinds of people in our life.


Composed of random personalities and different attitudes, a classroom is the best place to see how peculiar each and every one of us are. It is the perfect place where we can build our interpersonal relationship because the student diversity will help us become good interactors and help us become guided on how to deal with different kinds of person we will meet in our life. To give a glimpse, here are five usual types of students inside a classroom;

  1. The corner side people; the silent and unseen ones. They are the kind of students who are basically found at the end of the room. They sit alone and they tend to isolate themselves from the crowd. The classmates will keep wondering what their deal is but that’s just how they are. They don’t get along pretty well because they are either shy or unsure if the people will love them for who they are. They are the type whom you don’t really noticed unless the teacher catches their attention. Usually they are the ones who have big self-esteem issues.


  1. The overly confident and outgoing squad. They are the loudest and noisiest ones. Not only that, they are also the ones who easily get along with others and becomes everybody’s friend. They are like the life of a party and they don’t have too much inhibitions in themselves. They feel confident all the times especially during class participation and usually they are the types that are mostly recognized by the teacher.


  1. The geek and bookish ones. They are the part introvert and part extrovert kind of students. They are the intellectual ones who finds happiness and fulfillment in doing geeky stuffs like being techy, informed too well with history or the like. They are also those who just loves to sit in the corner and read their novels when the teacher is not around. Usually they are the leader during class activity especially when it requires too much thinking.


  1. The anger management squad. They are the ones with oozing self-confident and too much self-esteem. They are the type that when they are mad they don’t hesitate to show it to the whole class. In times, the rest of the class fears them quite a bit because they are very vocal whenever they are mad and they don’t hide their irritation and may become violent at times. Sometimes, they are the ones who bullies their l classmates.


  1. The romantic and “love is all that matters” squad. In every classroom there will always be the one pair who will let the world know that love do exists. They are the publicly romantic and too-in love kind of students. Whether they have their girlfriend or boyfriend in the same class or in another room, they are just too in love to handle. They look at the world as a big ground to love and be loved. They are positively contagious in times, and sometimes they make the other grow bitter.