5 Self-Tanning Mistakes That You Might Be Making

Most women just love the results that they get from self-tanning. However, this process can be such a hassle and if it’s not done right, it could end up into a huge disaster. If you find yourself full of tan streaks, then you might’ve committed one of the following self-tanning mistakes.


  1. Forgetting Your Sunscreen

Just because you’re wearing a self-tanner that doesn’t mean that you should already skip your sunscreen. If you’re worried about mixing your lotions, then apply your self-tanner the night before, leave it on overnight, and rinse it off the following day. After that, apply your sunscreen all over your body. Always remember, it’s still possible for you to tan and burn yourself even through a self-tan.

  1. Applying Too Little Self-Tanner

We get that you don’t want to be overly tanned, but skimping on your self-tanner application might give you a streaky result. Our skin only absorbs a certain amount of tanning agent, so you don’t have to worry about using too much tanner. Keep your skin completely covered and you’ll get a perfect and even result. Streaky and uneven patches will only occur if you use too little of the product, or when you over rub it on your skin.

  1. Failing To Use Moisturizer Before Application

Forgetting to moisturize your wrists, elbows and knees is what will give your faux tan away. So before you start applying your self-tanner ensure that you’ve first applied a barrier cream – a paraben- and petroleum-free moisturizer. Before applying your self-tanner, ensure that your wrists, elbows, knees, feet and even the back of your heels are well moisturized. This will dilute the self-tanner in the said areas, guaranteeing an even and natural-looking self-tanning result.


  1. Getting Discoloured Hands

Having stained palms is another giveaway for your fake tan. Make sure that this never happens by using an applicator mitt while self-tanning. These sponge tools will aid in evening out your tan application, avoiding any tan streaks or stripes from happening. After that, rub a tiny bit of your tanner in your hands to further even out your look.

  1. Skipping Exfoliation

Moisturizing is not the only thing you should do with your faux tan. You should also exfoliate it to make it last longer. Expert tanners suggest performing light exfoliation on your self-tanned skin every two to three days to prevent colour build-ups and to ensure that the tan fades evenly. Use a gentle body polisher in exfoliating your tanned skin to keep the tan even as it starts to fade.

Getting that perfect tan is actually easy. Just avoid making any of the aforementioned mistakes and you’ll surely enjoy your natural-looking self-tan.