Transcending the Norm and Improving Oneself

Late night movies and parties mean one cannot get up early in the morning to do some exercises and just has time for his morning coffee quick breakfast as he is getting late for office. Days and weeks keep on passing like this with no regular lunches and dinners. This kind of a lifestyle is not only and for one’s health but also plays on his mind.

There is no food for thought and there is nothing that is being done to move forward in the direction of self-actualization and self-enrichment. The lesson a person trying to enrich himself has to understand is that one has to learn before taking action. Before making a plan for self-enrichment, it is worthwhile to note if you have ever felt disenchanted with both what is beautiful or ugly in Singapore and in the whole world, and whether you ever believed you can make a difference?

No matter what you may have been told by others including parents, teachers and peers, you as an individual have the power and ability to initiate a positive change. Any difference in the outlook of the people takes place when you take the first step.