Tips for Caring for Your Gaming Consoles

Collecting retro and new consoles can be an expensive hobby to maintain but is also very rewarding if you want your children to continue your passion or if you decide to eventually sell them to another collector. While most consoles are durable and built to last for years of gaming, they can be susceptible to problems like all electronic gadgets.

Here are a few things to remember to always keep them in tip-top shape.

  • Keep the boxes. Do not throw away the box your consoles came in because you can use them to transport your systems or store them safely. If you don’t like the sight of the boxes, store them in a cabinet along with the others.
  • Keep the consoles clean. You do not need to take apart the consoles to clean them if you have no experience with electronics. The best thing to do to maintain cleanliness is to use a can of compressed air to spray into the vents. You could open the consoles to clean the hardware, but it will probably void your warranty, so do it only if it is necessary.
  • Consoles should be placed in a cool area. You should never let it get too hot when you are using a console. You can purchase entertainment stands with open fronts and backs that will allow good air circulation. If you are planning to set up a gaming room, do it in an air-conditioned room because it can get warm during hot days in Singapore.

  • Keep them dry. Do not place them in areas that generate cold or moisture as well. Moisture can short out the circuits and even cause electrical fire.
  • Keep them away from sunlight and heat. Do not place your consoles in areas near windows or doors where sunlight can get through. Do not place them near other appliances as well because the heat they generate will break down the hardware faster. Keep the room cool, but not dry. Install thick curtains on windows to reduce the heat coming from the sunlight and install an air conditioner system and humidifier.

  • Don’t place them in items that absorb heat. Cushions and carpets are bad for your electronics, so do not place any cloth or plastic under or near the consoles. Pick a table or stand that is made from wood, stone or metal.
  • Be gentle when cleaning. Do not use water to clean your electronics. If you need to wipe the case, use an anti-static duster for easier cleaning. If you want to use a cleaning fluid made for electronics, do not spray it directly on the console. Instead, spray it on the rag to moisten it then wipe the rag on the console. Avoid touching the sensitive parts like the lens.

Organize the wiring. Knotted wires can cause problems. They are also more difficult to clean. To make your life easier, tie them up together with cable ties. If you want to store the wires, do not fold them up; instead, lay them out flat in a lidded container.