Tips to Make Your Boss Notice You More

We all want to put our best face and foot forward in almost everything that we do, especially at work. This means putting on all the right clothing pieces and working on the best skincare regimen, while also giving your all in your work. To further help you in shining bright at your office, we’ve listed down five tips on how you can make your boss notice you more.


  1. Always Do What You Say. If you’re someone who can be relied on to do what they say – from showing up on meetings on time, to sending emails you promised to send and to completing a big project on or before its deadline – then your boss will start seeing you as a great go-to person. You’ll be given more responsibility and autonomy among your colleagues, and your boss will see you as one of his great support systems.


  1. Take Responsibility on Your Actions. Sometimes, it’s just impossible to do everything that you say. When this happens, learn to take a full responsibility instead of making excuses. If you’re late for a meeting because you tended on your child’s medical needs, just say sorry and tell your boss that you’ll catch and get all the important notes on the points that you missed. Talk about the reason why you were late once the meeting is done and assure him or her that you’ve already made some arrangement to keep it from happening ever again.


  1. Learn to Provide Solutions. Apart from taking responsibility of your actions, being successful at work also starts by taking an initiative to solve problems. Don’t be the person who just sits back saying “that’s not part of my job” when someone needs some help. Remember, we’re all inter-reliant in the workplace, so it really pays to be useful when someone needs your bright ideas.


  1. Be a Good Corporate Citizen. Bosses usually notice how the people on their team get along. If someone seems to be making things easier for everyone, support his or her colleague’s success and doesn’t create any gossip or drama, your boss will surely appreciate that person. Being that kind of person will demonstrate that you’re a positive influence to the team and is probably capable of doing more.

Being noticed by your boss, in a good way, is one of the best ways to climb up the career development ladder. So make sure that you follow all these tips, be good to your workmates, do your best in your work and you’ll definitely succeed in your chosen career path.