Tips for Staying Healthy This Holiday Season  


Singaporeans look forward to the holidays because of the merriment. This includes booze, companions and food of course. Every now and then we have to enjoy booze with our friends but we have to be wary and not drive since it will lead to ill-fated accidents. However, the greatest challenge here is the abundance of food and how to stay healthy.


It is important that we do not disrupt our healthy lifestyle just because it is the holidays. We have to be conscious of what we eat if we do not want to earn the calories we so despise. Here are some tips for staying healthy this holiday season:

  • Focus on fun: You tend to overeat because you think that holiday is all about food. If this is your perspective, it is time to change it. Instead of focusing on food, why not focus on the fun it gives? Instead of thinking about mom’s turkey, just think of other desirable activities like tree trimming, decorating, carolling and the likes.
  • Modify eating to jive with relatives: Your relatives have different eating schedule. If you do not make an effort to jive with their eating schedule, you will find yourself eating numerous times a day. For example, if your relatives eat at 10:30am and skip lunch, you have to compromise say you eat at least a toast before 10:30am.


  • Indulge in only special treats: If all foods are not consumed, it would be a waste to throw it all away. You have to find time to indulge yourself but only in special treats like your mom’s homemade cookies or cake. You have to skip cookies from stores. The points here is not to totally deprive yourself of all good foods because eventually you will snap and you will find yourself overeating and waste all the efforts that you built.
  • Consider few minutes of exercise: You need to exercise because it is the only way to burn the calories that you consumed. Whether you decide to have a short run down the park or walk through the station, you have to do it no matter how heavy or lethargic you feel. Overeating will make you heavy and you do not want that.

The holiday is a challenge in itself from choosing the right food to organizing a party. The important thing here is we realize the importance of self-control and discipline. We have to remember that it is for our own sakes at the end of the day.