Singapore Focusing on R and D

Singapore is proud of its R and D (Research and Development) when it comes to pharmaceuticals and biotechnology. Singapore is encouraging companies to focus on R and D to improve drug discovery and progress. There are many international pharmaceutical brands here in Singapore which includes Novartis, Sanofi, MSD, GlaxoSmithKline and many more.

This proves that Singapore provides world class clinical superiority. Over the years, Singapore has created a strong foundation when it comes to clinical research. Apart from the international brands establishing their research centres here, there are also other biomedical research institutes that take pride in their facilities. Some of biomedical research institutes include:



IBN (Institute of Bioengineering and Nanotechnology) seeks the progress and improvement of biomedical science. The institute is encouraging scientists to develop many technologies that can urge the expansion or increase of industries.


GIS (Genome Institute of Singapore) is a programme that envisions utilizing genome science to enhance community health and affluence.


SICS (Singapore Institute for Clinical Sciences) has a task to develop technologies that can be used to effectively and efficiently examine human health and the diseases that comes with it.


BII (Bioinformatics Institute) concentrates on hypothetical approaches which are intended to understanding bio molecular mechanisms.

These institutes house more or less six thousand researchers and clinicians coming from all parts to achieve one common goal – alleviation of human suffering. With their knowledge, expertise and skills, they will together improve the lives of everyone not only Singaporeans but the people around the world. If you want to join the pool of talents, you can join them but first you have to study whatever that needs to be studied.