New Airplane Seat Design for Budget Flights  


Airlines do their best to entice more passengers because more passengers mean more money for them. This is the reason why they would go to such great lengths to offer seat sales. Somehow this is good for the frequent travellers out there. Travelling now is for everyone not just for the rich and overly rich.


Speaking of passengers, there is one airplane design that capitalizes on making more money by carrying more passengers. The new seat system will make us face each other and possibly stare at each other. The system is called “Economy Class Cabin Hexagon”.

Zodiac Aerospace thought about this and already filed a patent for this. The plan features hexagonal design and involve alternate backward and forward facing seats. What’s in it for us?


  • End the armrests: Armrests are not really armrests because it is quite uncomfortable at times. The new design did not include the armrests. This is good news for many.
  • Tray tables: It doesn’t mean that tray tables are no more. There is still tray tables installed in every seat so we should not worry about it.
  • Televisions: When we found out that the seats will make us stare at each other and lead awkward conversations, we were discouraged. This is not for long. There is a television so we can just stare at that instead of our neighbours.

Travelling to and from Singapore with this new seating arrangement will either make or break the experience of every Singaporean on board – should this be pursued. The important thing here is we feel safe.