How to Improve Your Memory and Remember More Details


Without memories, what would our lives be? Maybe our lives will only be fleeting moments. Memories are important because it makes us who we are. If we could not recall the what, who and where, we would never be successful in life. It is important that we harness memory. Start by developing that photographic memory.


Imagine you remember everything in complete detail. That would be awesome. Recalling great moments are beneficial. The good news is that there are things that you can do to harness your photographic memory. It is just a matter of consistency. Singaporeans should know tips on harnessing photographic memory.

Use associations

If you want to remember things in general, it helps to use pictures. The brain remembers things in pictures. If you associate something or someone, make sure that you have a mental picture so it is easy to remember. The reason is that the brain remembers and thinks using pictures. Actually the more ridiculous and intense the picture is, the better for you to remember.


Minimize distractions

For other people, forgetfulness is not an issue of memory but a result of being preoccupied. When you want to learn the information, you have to free yourself from distractions so your brain will not be preoccupied. If you are trying to remember something, it is recommended not to multitask and simply focus on the task at hand. Do not fret over memory loss, just look around you and know that distractions can keep you from realizing your full potential.

Repeat names

It is good to remember names but you have to admit that sometimes you forget names even after thirty seconds from meeting them. To remember names, you need to repeat it. When introduced to someone, make sure that you are completely aware and not constantly think of the way you look or your conduct. If you concentrate even for few seconds, you will remember names longer.

Use chunking

Chunking in psychology means clustering things together. This is a memory retention technique used by many people. In chunking, you remember better and easier because you already sorted things out. For example, when you go grocery shopping, you should sort the meats, dairies, condiments, fruits, vegetables and other things.

With the tips mentioned above, you will live more plus your career will move forward. You are not born with natural impressive memory so do not feel bad about yourself. Remember that memory experts are made not born. Improving your memory can be challenging but it can do you good at the end of the day.