Foot Reflexology an Amazing Stress Reliever

Foot reflexology is a field of alternate healing where the therapist makes use of compression of pressure points on the foot to bring relief and relaxation to a person. Its application, the foot massage, is widely popular in town – and for good reason. Though looking similar to acupressure, this holistic technique is an altoge3ther different treatment method that is believed to have originated in ancient China 5000 years ago. However, applying pressure and manipulating specific points on foot of an individual has long been practiced in India also.

Modern science of foot reflexology is a combination of techniques used in different countries and Dr William Fitzgerald is credited with introducing this amazing healing technique to the western world. Singapore is unique in the sense that there are clinics of foot massage or foot reflexology being run by traditional Chinese people as well as experts from countries like Australia and US.

However, everyone should know that while reflexology provides relief, it is not a cure for any disease. It would be correct to make clear at the outset that foot reflexology in Singapore is not a system of medicine in the true sense of the word and no professional health care provider in Singapore takes it as such because it does not claim to be a cure for any particular disease or ailments.

Nor does foot reflexology qualify to be a massage technique as there is no oil or lotion that is used to bring relief to the patients. The basic premise of foot massage is that there is a vital energy flowing across our bodies through specified paths called meridians. As long as this life force keeps on flowing unobstructed, there is a balance inside the body and there is no ailment.

But as soon as there is obstruction to smooth flow of this vital energy, the balance of energy is thrown out of balance and we are in the grip of ailments and a lot of stress is built up inside our bodies. There are points on the foot of a person that correspond to different body organs.

During a foot massage, when pressure is applied in a particular manner by the expert, different organs can be stimulated. Foot reflexology is a great stress reliever. People in Singapore, especially those who are grown up adults have a strong belief in the efficacy of foot reflexology. It is well too known that the modern system of medicine, allopath, treats on the basis of symptoms and has no cure for certain ailments that become chronic.