“Fake It ’till You Make It”

You heard about the catchphrase “fake it till you make it” often that it becomes you. This catchphrase is also called “act as if”. This phrase means imitating confidence so that as it progresses, the confidence will produce real and genuine success which will lead you to success. In simple words, it is bluffing your way out confidently.


There are some points in our life that we encounter “fake it till you make it” moments. This goes to show how resilient and strong we are. However, do you know that there are mobile phone applications that will help you “fake it till you make it”? These applications can fake SMS messages or even phone calls. Here are some applications that you can consider:

  • Fake a call: You are trying to get out of a situation or conversation that you wish someone would call you and act as if you are summoned. Thankfully an application will rescue you from a social disaster. The application is called fake a call. What does this do? It has a trigger that will enable you to call your own mobile phone. It will allow you to programme a voice (so it will look like legitimate) and images (like your boss or friend). It is available in iOS (for only $1.28) and Android (for only $1.20).
  • Fake a message: Fake a message is an application that you can rely when you encounter awkward situation. It is like fake a call that will give you excuse to get out of the situation or someone. You only need to program the name of the sender (who you want it to be) and then set the timer so the message will be sent accordingly. It is available in iOS and Android for free.

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  • Bro app: If you do not want to miss something, you can always send text messages to your significant other with the help of Bro app. You can set the time and date so that the messages will be automatically sent to your partner. Your partner will surely appreciate it; playing a thoughtful and sweet boyfriend/girlfriend is easy with Bro. It is available in iOS and Android for free.
  • Fake sounds: If you are not being honest of the place you are at, you can rely on fake location sounds. It will give you numerous background sounds (like ambulance sirens and thunderstorm) so you will be more convincing. It is only available in iOS (for only $1.28).

These applications are available here in Singapore if you are interested. For sure many Singaporeans will consider these. These applications will provide you with excuses. You only need to download and install it in your smart phone. However, the most effective thing to get out of something is to tell the person truthfully than avoid them or using the “fake it till you make it” strategy.