Common Dating Problems Among Millennials


Most of us have grown up with certain rules at home, such as not talking while your mouth is full, knocking before entering a room and many others. And as we age, there are even more rules we have to abide, especially when it comes to socialization—and of course, that includes the ever complex world of dating.


In today’s generation, it has become evident that good manners are slowly going out the door and that a lot of men and women in the dating scene need some refresher. More often than not, we have to revisit our actions as some of it may not have been a big deal personally but poorly reflect us.

  1. Checking your phone

It is totally understandable to glance on your phone once in a while but when there is more eye contact with your phone than your date, then that is such a huge rudeness. It is a sure fire act of disrespect towards the person you are hanging out with and their precious time. In the course of dating, being physically present but mentally absent is the worst thing.

  1. Waiting for drama

More often than not, many people are guilty of taking a certain amount of time before replying to their potential love. It is a childish stunt that creates an impression you do not have enough time to engage in conversations that might flourish to something great. If you like someone, throw the waiting idea, grab your phone and type in your reply the soonest time you can! If you were truly busy, apologize for getting back at them very late.


  1. The Disappearing Act

This one is a no-brainer. Nothing can be more offensive than disappearing from someone without a single word and keeping the other person guessing on the other side. To leave someone hanging gives out a hurtful impact that may not only affect the person’s feelings but also his future relationships. This unwanted experience may negatively create lack of self-confidence and trust issues.

  1. Failure to return a call

Same as replying to text messages, returning a call is not that difficult to do. When a call is unreturned, the person is expecting either a return call after few minutes or a simple apology. We live in a digital age where most of our time involves the usage of gadgets—our phone, to be exact, so there is no excuse.

  1. Lack of gratitude

When someone appreciates you or your physical features, it is appropriate to say thank you and express appreciation of the compliment. Also, returning a “genuine” compliment would not hurt at all.