Clever Ways of Saving in Singapore

We all need to save money for a better future, but how can we do that? Saving money, as said, is really difficult, especially when you’re living with your family and you know the members of the family only have a small income.  But it is harder to save money if you only subsist on your own and wants something every time pay day’s coming.


Electric and water bills are the most important obligation that should not be neglected. On the other hand, there are also monthly bills that are not usually used in your house so better cut it. Turn off any connection that is not needed like telephone, cable and internet connection to avoid large charges. If possible cut all connections to have lesser monthly bills.


Get a Phone Plan: Cell phones, like cars, needs fuel and cell phones’ fuel is prepaid load. Nowadays, if you do not have load for a period of approximately 30 days, your card will be deactivated. Re-activation of the card is a very tiring yet expensive. So, to avoid this, make sure that you are subscribed in a monthly plan.

Buy affordable but tasty meals: What’s the point of buying expensive foods when in fact there are a bunch of restaurants and food shops that offers an appetizing meal? If you are a clever person, you will surely be eating in a nice, cozy and expensive food place, but when you are a pragmatic soul, you will go to a restaurant that has clean, cozy, delicious, cheap and the finest food in own. It’s really a big savings.