6 Face Cleansing Mistakes That You Might Be Making

Cleansing your face may seem like a pretty easy task – wet, lather and rinse. What else could go wrong right? However, if you’re committing any of these six mistakes, then there’s a chance that skin issues like irritation, dryness and breakout may occur and damage your fair complexion.


  1. Using Face Wipes Excessively. While it may be the easiest option that we have when it comes to cleansing our face, it might actually be the time to finally stop using facial wipes. Most of the wipes that you use are loaded with chemicals, such as emulsifiers and surfactants, which removes your makeup but also causes some skin problems.
  1. Applying Harsh Cleansers Even With Oily Skin. It may seem logical to go hard-core on your oily skin, but using grainy astringent washes can actually be too harsh for you skin, stripping off your skin’s natural oils and making your problem even worse. Instead of opting for such cleansers, use those milder astringents that works great with oily skin.
  1. Switching Between Hot and Cold Water. We may believe that hot water opens our pores and cold water closes it, when it’s actually not true. In fact, frequently switching from hot to cold water only puts our skin to shock so it would be best to keep your water around mid-way or lukewarm.


  1. Waiting for the Cleanser to Soak Up. Cream cleansers are great for soothing dry skin, but allowing them to sink in your skin will only make them less effective at cleansing your skin’s surface.
  1. Scrubbing Excessively. A soft and freshly-scrubbed skin is what everyone wants but dermatologists suggest not scrubbing your skin daily as it may end up tearing your pores. Instead, they suggest performing it for only two nights each week and still get similar results.
  1. Failing to Lock In Moisture. Another mistake that you may be making while cleansing your face is failing to seal in the moisture in your skin. Completely cleanse your skin by applying all the necessary products while your skin is still moist to maximize the effects of active ingredients as well as extra absorption.

Facial cleansing may seem like an easy task, but it actually has lots of considerations to think about. So avoid the aforementioned mistakes to get the most out of each of your face cleanse and to get the fairer complexion you’ve always wanted.