5 Things to Avoid Doing on Social Media after a Breakup

So you broke up with your significant other, but you didn’t part ways pleasantly. You’d love to say “no hard feelings”, but you’d be lying since there surely are hard feelings between both of you that you’d want to let out. But before you start causing too much drama online, here are five things that you should never ever do on any social networking site that both you and your ex-beau are on.

1. Tweeting or Posting Statuses About Him

You may be used to tweeting or posting cryptic messages online, but it’d be best to avoid doing this when you’ve just been through a breakup. Remember that your mutual friends might already be aware of your situation, and it’ll be easier for them to decode who your tweets or statuses are about. If you just can’t help but post about him or your breakup, then it’s best to just deactivate your account until you’ve fully moved on.

2. Initiating a Pity Party Online

Posting about how betrayed or neglected you feel to get your friends’ attention and sympathy isn’t cool. You’re only making a fool out of yourself, and you can’t be sure that the people comforting you won’t be talking behind your back. So regardless of how hurt and overwhelmed you currently feel, avoid posting anything that’ll make you appear like a pathetic ex-girlfriend.

3. Posting Negative Things About Your Ex

Telling your online friends about how a sore loser your ex is won’t help in making things better. In fact, it’ll only make you look like the sore loser. So instead of telling the online world about your breakup, post things related with your journey to single-dom. This will definitely help in empowering and inspiring you to be the person that you ought to be, even without him in your life.

4. Adding or Following His New Girl

Your breakup may have been caused by a third party, but sending his new girl a friend request and telling her what you think about her might not be a good idea at all. We understand that you’re exploding with rage because of this person, but you certainly wouldn’t want to be labelled as a crazy ex-girlfriend.

5. Sending Threatening Messages

Regardless of how good or bad your relationship ended, a breakup can still make you feel like you’re not yourself and even cause you to feel some heightened emotions. When this happens, you’ll feel that you can strangle any person that gets on your way. This is why it’s crucial that you think things through before doing anything rash, such as sending a threatening message to your ex or his new girl.

Social media has the ability to make any breakup worse, but if you know who you really, you’ll definitely be able to be the bigger person in the breakup and handle your pain in a mature way.