Why I Love Listening to Audio Books


Ever since the advent of the Internet and YouTube, Singaporeans have found listening to audio books as a productive way to spend their time. It also helps that some of the world’s leading motivational speakers promote audio books as a recipe for a successful individual. You’ll find as many interesting topics in audio books as you’ll find in printed books ranging from Harry Potter series to self-help inspirational books such as Think and Grow Rich. It is no wonder that many book lovers like me love listening to audio books.


This is the best medium for us auditory people

There are visual people and there are auditory people. Auditory people learn faster when listening and so their best medium when it comes to learning through books would be audio books. On the other hand, visual people have a tendency to be easily bored when listening to audio books because they are more comfortable with looking at something to keep their attention.

This helps me become productive

One of the best things about an audio book is that I can devour them while I’m doing something else. This is ideal for those busy people or for those who like doing multi-tasking like me. This is also why a lot of success is attributed to simply listening to educational audio books. They say that if you consume an audio book every day, it would be like going to a class. So by the end of a year, you would have completed an entire course just by this!


This helps me read faster

Some people plainly read fast. But I find that it’s easier to finish a book when someone else is reading it for me just like in an audio book. Speakers set the tone at a more ideal pace and they’re more consistent as compared to my down days when I tend to read books slower. Some audio books also have speed settings where you can adjust the reader’s speed according to your preference.

This makes reading more interesting

I love listening to British accents and audio books help me indulge in this sophisticated accent. Some audio books are also read by actors themselves which make listening to the story more dramatic and entertaining. It’s almost as if you’re reliving the entire book yourself and not just listening to it.

Most of them are for free

The best thing about audio books is that you can have them for free! Yes, for free. I search for them in YouTube or in other dedicated websites that offer listening to these books for free. They’re still of great quality, too, even though you don’t pay for them.