Turn Back the Hands of Time

4 Ways to Get Rid of Aging Hands
You may be committed to your anti-aging skincare routine, but one of the biggest giveaway of your age is nowhere near your face – it’s in your hands. Dried, washed and been exposed to various elements, your hands have really worked hard for you and it will likely show. Luckily, aging hands can be easily prevented. By following these six hand-care tips, you can now keep your hands looking as young as they feel now.


  1. Protect Them From Elements. Be it from hot dish water or cold weather, it’s important that you keep your hands protected from it. Understand that the skin on your hands is thin and failing to keep them protected is what causes aging. So every time you clean with bleach, or use hot water to scrub your pans and pots, wear some latex gloves to keep all the chemicals off your hands.
  1. Exfoliate Them. Remember how great your face feels after exfoliating them? That’s how your hands will also feel if you just exfoliate them. Exfoliation works by removing the dead layer of the skin, leaving new and smoother skin. So start doing a weekly exfoliation on your hands now to get instantly smoother hands.


  1. Keep Your Cuticles Moisturized. Trimming your cuticles may be a bit of a controversy, but ensuring that they stay hydrated will keep that dry and scaly look at bay. Do this by using products like solar oil. Not only will this keep your cuticles soft, it will also provide the same moisture that your nails need.
  1. Apply Sunscreen on Your Hands Regularly. We all know from our facial care that the sun’s harmful UV rays is what causes premature skin aging. So make it a habit to apply some sunscreen on your hands. Not only will it protect your hands from the sun, it’ll also help in keeping them smooth as before.

Getting younger-looking hands is actually pretty easy. All you’ve got to do this is apply your facial routine in your hand-care routine, and you’ll now be able to maintain your hand’s smoothness.