Tips For Single Moms  

Being a parent is the best blessing we could ever ask. It is better if we have someone to share the responsibility with but there are times that things might not work. For single parents out there, they prefer rearing their child alone rather than with someone else.


It is there choice and we cannot do something about it but try to understand them and empower them. There are many single moms here in Singapore. There are others who already mastered the skills of being a single mom while there are others who are doing their best to keep up.

For those who are doing their best to keep up, here are some tips for you:

1. Look for role models: It is important that our kids flourish amidst the circumstance. The first thing that we can do is look for role models. We can for instance make a list of single parents that inspire us. If we see or hear many success stories of single moms, we will surely be inspired.


2. Find a suitable work schedule: Of course, we have to get a job to sustain our children even if the father is giving. When choosing or applying for a job, we have to scrutinize the work schedule. We can also consider online jobs since we can just work at home. There’s also day care centres here in Singapore that can help us get through the day.

3. Count to ten: There are times that we might lose our cool. It is crucial that we do not lose it even in stressful situations. We have to learn to count to ten. This might seem not helpful but if we try to pause for a moment and count to ten, things will be better and lighter.