Online Media in Singapore

Singapore is a multiethnic nation enjoying the reputation of being an advanced place to live and do business. Despite limited resources, the tiny city state has made giant strides and made the most of its strategic location in the Malay Peninsula. One can see the advances made by the people of Singapore in all walks of life whether it is in their way of living, travelling, talking, or even learning.

Talking of media, there have been newspapers, radio, television, magazines, periodicals etc. to educate people and to raise their awareness on different social issues in addition to allowing companies to reach out to a large number of clients through media. Search engines have brought online media to life. In this age of internet, one cannot remain dependent upon traditional media all the time though it retains its relevance and importance. This is the age of information and one has to get all the breaking news to stay ahead of the competition whether he is a student, a housewife, a senior, or an entrepreneur.