Nightlife in Singapore

The best place to do business also has attractions for the night Singapore is the preferred business destination of most entrepreneurs around the world and indeed this tiny city state which happens to be the 4th largest financial centre in the world during the day has a reputation to meet. But hard work during day certainly deserves play and mischief in the evenings and Singapore has learnt quickly to transform itself from a dull business place into a brightly lit and energetic city ready to provide all the fun to its people.

Busy officials and executives get time to loosen their ties and have some drinks to relax and get ready for all the fun in the night. Yes, Singapore nightlife today is a heady mix of the Asian and western cultures with music blasting out of some nightclubs while there being some pubs where one can still enjoy cool drinks watching live sporting events on giant TV screens. If you have been to Singapore only during daytime, you have certainly missed out on one half of the personality of the city.